How to buy F1 British Grand Prix 2023 tickets

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Silverstone plays host to one of the most anticipated races on the F1 calendar and with the 2022 F1 season entering its latter stages, fans are clamouring to secure British Grand Prix tickets for the 2023 season.

Entertaining races at both the 2021 and 2022 British Grand Prix have further cemented Silverstone's status as one of the most entertaining tracks on the F1 calendar.

Tickets for next year's British Grand Prix are already on sale with the demand for the race expected to reach unprecedented levels due to the growing support for the sport of F1.

Here is your guide if you're looking to secure 2023 British Grand Prix tickets.

How to buy 2023 British Grand Prix tickets

The only way to reliably buy British Grand Prix tickets is through the Silverstone official website.

Unprecedented demand for this year means that you will be entered into a virtual queue to secure your tickets for the event with some grandstand ticket categories having already sold out.

How much do 2023 British Grand Prix tickets cost?

The pricing strategy has changed for the 2023 British Grand Prix with Silverstone opting for 'dynamic ticket pricing', much to the dismay of regular attendees.

The bottom line is that 2023 British Grand Prix tickets will be more expensive than ever. Here is a sample of some ticket prices for different categories.

  • General Admission (3-day weekend) - £279
  • Becketts Grandstand - £579
  • Chapel Grandstand - £409
  • Luffield Grandstand - £459
  • Vale Grandstand - £379
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