What players want to see in The Sims 5

As we get closer to what will hopefully be the official reveal of The Sims 5, fans are starting to create their own wishlists of things they want to see in the next game.

Here are five things that players want to see in The Sims 5.

What Players Want To See In The Sims 5

Over on The Sims 5 sub-Reddit, fans regularly get together and discuss what they would like to see in the next iteration of the series. Hopefully EA read the sub-Reddit because some of the ideas are fantastic.

Here are some of the best suggestions.

Larger Households

In The Sims 4, the limit of members you can have in your household is eight.

If you have pets in your family too, they also count towards the limit, so if you have a cat and a dog then you can only have six humans in your family.

Many fans would like the see the limits expanded. Many modern families are large, so it would be good to see the game increase the family size in the next game.

Build A Town

In The Sims, you pick a plot of land and build your dream home and family.

The Sims 4 party
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PARTY: Players would like to see the family size limit removed

But, what if you could build the entire town and create your ideal neighbourhood with a large variety of families?

We think that would provide a lot more playability as players would have to focus on multiple families at once and could shape them all to be different.

Difficulty Levels

u/deliverthefatman on Reddit has suggested that The Sims 5 utilises difficulty levels in the game, giving players the option to have life start out in different ways, such as a Sim starting out homeless, or very wealthy.

Here are their suggestions.

  • Nomad mode: Your family starts off homeless with $0. Initially, they'll have to make a living busking or doing odd jobs, and save enough money to rent a home, buy a lot, and build a home and livelihood. Needs decay at about Sims 2 pace, and there are wants and fears. Money doesn't come easy: For most jobs, there is an interview you need to pass, and skills and connections are required to progress in careers. Great to build a rags to riches legacy.
  • Realistic mode: Same as the nomad mode, but you start off with $20K of family capital so you can buy a lot and build a starter house. About the same difficulty as the Sims 2.
  • Hard mode: Same as nomad mode, but needs and relationships decay at Sims 1 pace. Quite a challenge to even keep Sims alive!
  • Casual mode: Same as realistic mode, but needs decay at Sims 3 pace and it's easier to build relationships and advance in your career. Only wants, no fears. Great mode for children or people just getting started with the game. Very limited failures such as broken objects or bad grades for kids etc.
  • Sandbox mode: The family starts with $100K, and there are no needs and fears anymore. Careers and relationships are super easy, and you have almost full control over Sims. This is the perfect model for storytellers.

A More Realistic Art Style

One thing that has been mentioned by fans a lot in recent months is that they want the game to move away from the cartoon art style that the series is known for and take a more realistic approach.

The Sims 4
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REALISM: Fans want to move away from the cartoon art style

With the current consoles and graphics being as powerful as they are, The Sims 5 could become a very realistic looking game and feel more like a life simulator rather than a "Barbie simulator" as u/jannadelrey states.

No Multiplayer

We recently reported that EA confirmed that the game would have multiplayer elements, but many fans aren't happy about that decision.

While some multiplayer elements could be a lot of fun, such as an MMO style Sims game where thousands of people populate a single town, a forced multiplayer game isn't everyone's cup of tea, so hopefully the multiplayer mechanics will be optional for players.

Hopefully we'll hear some news on Sims 5 at EA Play Live later in the year.

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