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The Sims 4: Best Mods - Is it Safe? How to Download them & More

The Sims is one of the most successful gaming franchises to ever exist.

Players are required to play God and control their own little world, and it is a great way to melt away the hours of lockdown.

However, at the heart of The Sims 4 exists a thriving modding community.


These modders are known for creating a number of weird (and often wild) additions to the game.

Check out some of the best creations at ModTheSims, which hosts a load of free mods for you to download and enjoy.

Here, we've built a short list of some of the best mods on offer, and how to download them, so continue reading for more details.

Are mods safe?

First of all, we need to be clear.

sims 4 mods safety
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NO STRESS: Gamers can download mods without fear of their system taking on a virus or other malware


It is perfectly safe to download mods.

Approved creators do not stick malware or viruses into their downloads. since they generally share a genuine passion for The Sims.

Best Mods

The level of detail that goes into these mods is extraordinary, and the thought behind ones like the wheelchair mod and gender transition potions mod is heartwarming.

Here are some popular mods that transform buildings, behaviours and even creatures!

  • True Happiness
  • Mermaids
  • Gender preference
  • Sorcerer
  • Prime real estate

However, there are a few standout mods that are more popular with the Sims community, including:


MorphMaker, by CmarNYC, lets you sculpt and shape every inch of your sim to exactly the way you want.

sims 4 mods morphmaker
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GOD THAT'S COMPLEX: Ever wanted to create a sim completely from scratch? Here's your chance


Use this mod to change the appearance of normal sims, as well as vampires, aliens, and even pets!

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CmarNYC has kindly linked to tutorials on the mod’s page so check those out too.

Fantastical transformations

If the human form isn’t really for you then there are plenty of mods that can turn your sim into a magical being or fantastical creature.

sims 4 mods transformations
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MERMAIDS: There are plenty of other mods featuring creatures of myth


The Sorcerer mod grants your sim the power to conjure spells, and when you reach a high enough level there will be some epic spells at your disposal.

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Become immortal, use teleportation, and even instantly kill sims to gain 50,000 Simoleons.

Savage stuff.

Tere’s a bunch of other transformations that modders have been working on, such as a Fairies mod by Nyx and a Grim Reaper mod by doggydog1989.

Emotional Inertia

With the Emotional Interia mod by roBurky, your sim will behave and act in a more lifelike way.

sims 4 emotional inertia
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ULTRA-REALISM: Isn't this what you wanted?


What is meant by this is that that sims’ moods will be prolonged, so you’ll need to put in a bit more effort to change their frame of mind.

Just like in real life.

This mod can be challenging, especially when dealing with an angry teenager, but roBurky explains that:

“the aim is to make emotions feel a little more meaningful, to make your sims a little more human.”

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