The Sims "Spark Something" - Pass the spark celebrates Sims creators

The Sims are celebrating creators with their new short video, Pass the Spark!

Content creators everywhere are often celebrated for their achievements by the companies they game with.

This is no different with The Sims as a short video, 'Pass the Spark' was created to honour some of the most influential.

Ranging from an international popstar to a Bob Pancakes impersonator, they've got the lot.

EA are identifying creator stories that showcase the contagious power of inspiration.

So, let's get inspired, and creative, and look at these The Sims content creators who are featured in this video.

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Spark Something in The Sims!

To celebrate the role their games and brand have played in sparking the creative journey of rule breakers.

EA is kicking off Spark Something!

With a focus on creativity and imagination, EA is celebrating its content creators from a multitude of platforms.

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Spark Something in Pass the Spark

Spark Something will come to life with Pass the Spark which features an incredible cast of creators who use the game to ignite their creativity, including...

  • Anitta, a global pop star and the first Brazilian artist to win an MTV Video Music Award,
  • Alok, a writer and performer who challenges the gender binary,
  • Magnet, a queer creative who makes vibrant cakes with playful floral elements; and
  • Bob’s Dance Shop, is an entertainment group combining dance, music and fashion to spread joy and encourage self-expression.

In the short film, you can follow The Sims’s iconic green Plumbob as it gets re-imagined and travels from creator to creator.

Each time changing to suit the imagination and brain power of that individual!

Julia Victor, Head of Brand for The Sims stated...

"We recognize that the creativity of The Sims community is so much bigger than what they make in The Sims—it's who they become and who they are inspired by outside of our game as well"

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