Rocket League NEW Rocket Pass: Underglow, Decals, and Price

Rocket League Underglow

Rocket League Underglow

With Season 7 and its Luxury theme now in the rear view mirror, fans are eagerly working their way through a brand new Rocket Pass. The new Street art theme has tons to offer in terms of cosmetics, as well as brand new maps.

Let's take a look at what's on offer, and how to get your hands on it.

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Rocket League Underglow

Yes, you read that right. Previously only available in Bakkesmod, and only dreamt about by console players, you'll now be able to pick up different colours of underglow for your car.

Unfortunately, this will only be available on the Honda Civic Type-R, and its variant the R-LE. But with how good this looks in-game, we can hardly be disappointed.

The first underglow is the orange, for the base Honda Civic Type-R, and is available at tier 71. For a first option, this is a pretty good one, but the real treat comes further down the line.

Titanium White underglow
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The coveted Titanium White underglow is unlocked at Tier 131 for the Civic Type-R. If you want to be the best-looking car on the field, get grinding, because this is unrivaled in its looks.

Rocket Pass Cars and Decals

While the Honda Civic Type-R will be immediately available when you purchase the Premium Rocket Pass, if you want to level it up you'll want to unlock the Type R-LE, available at tier 35.

Season 8 cover art
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Another can't-miss item is the Wrapstar decal, as seen in the Season 8 cover art, available for the Civic Type-R at only tier 16! The octane variant is only a little while later at tier 35, so even casual players will have an easy time getting their hands on it.

Rocket Pass Premium Price

As with previous Seasons, the Rocket Pass Premium will be available for 1000 in-game credits. If you've held on to the credits you earned last season, it won't even cost you a penny of real money.

Get grinding now, because once Season 8 is over these items will become almost impossible to get hold of.

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