Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass: New Cars, Cosmetics & Price

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Rocket Pass Splash Art

With Season 8 just around the corner, Psyonix has revealed everything we could possibly want from the new Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass. After Season 7's luxury theme, fans are excited for a change of pace and a more 'street' theme teased in the latest additions.

With news just dropping about what's in store for Season 8, let's take a look at everything available with the all-new Rocket Pass.

Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass Hits the Streets

Rocket League Season 8 will come to us from the streets, with all the cosmetics you could ask for to match.

Release Date

The new Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass will arrive with the new season on 7th September.

Rewards and Cosmetics

That includes new graffiti-themed decals, wheels, and goal explosions that will be available as you level up the rocket pass.

Rocket League new cosmetics
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Just as the graffiti on Utopia suggested, the Sovereign Krew has arrived, and you can deck out your car to match. Also available will be boosts and antennae for the full look.

New Cars

For the first time ever in Rocket League, a real-life car will be included with the Rocket Pass Premium. Players will be able to get their hands on the Honda Civic Type R, to fulfil all their street racing fantasies.

Season 8 splash art
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Also available as you work your way up the Rocket Pass will be the upgraded Honda Civic Type R-LE, also complete with decals and fully customizable. Check out the Season 8 trailer to see all the new cars and items in action here.


The premium pass will have the usual price point of 1000 credits, so make sure to save up now so you don't miss out on brand-new items.

Make sure to grind out those last few tiers of the Season 7 Rocket Pass before it expires, when the game updates for the new season on September 6th at 4 pm PDT.

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