How to enter Tournaments in Rocket League

Rocket League tournaments

Rocket League tournaments

Rocket League is well into Season 9, but if you haven't had a chance to climb the ranks this season there's still plenty of time. The season has already seen events like Frosty Fest come and go, with more on the way, and a ton of new content is expected.

Tournaments are the best way to kill these two birds with one stone. You'll be matched up against similar players, and earn awesome rewards for doing well. Here's everything you need to know about how they work and how to enter them.

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How to enter Rocket League Tournaments

Competitive Tournaments are 32-team, single-elimination brackets based on each team's skill. Teams play one match each round until the Semifinals and Finals, which are best of three.

Rocket League Tournaments
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If you lose the first round, or you enter a tournament slightly late, you'll be able to join the second chance bracket. This will give you another chance at Victory but always aim for wins as you'll be in better standing going forward.

Joining tournaments in Rocket League is a simple process:

  1. Open Rocket League.
  2. Select Play from the Main Menu.
  3. Select Tournaments.
  4. Select your Play Window.

You'll then receive a notification 15 minutes before the tournament is due to begin. You'll also be able to join them straight from the menu if you rock up at the right time.

Tournament Rewards

Rocket League has a ton of rewards on offer for players who are successful in tournaments. You'll earn tournament credits for participating, and the higher up you get, the greater the credit reward.

These credits can then be redeemed for cups of various levels, which will grant a random customisation item in-game. These include:

  • Wheels
  • Animated Decals
  • Goal Explosions
  • And more!

If you're not too happy with what you get you'll be able to trade in tournament items for one of a higher rarity in your inventory. This follows the usual process, and you'll need to trade in a few items to bag one of a higher level.

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