Do you need Xbox Live to play Rocket League?

Rocket League Xbox

Rocket League Xbox

Rocket League is now well into Season 9, and with the holiday season and Frosty Fest wrapped up, we are looking ahead to the new year. Neon Nights is still to come before the season is out, with a bunch of brand-new rewards expected to be arriving.

Xbox Live has long been required to get the most out of games and access online play, but can you still queue up without it? Here's everything you need to know about whether you can, and how to download it.

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Do you need Xbox Live for Rocket League?

Yes, you can absolutely play Rocket League without an Xbox Live or Gold subscription. Ever since the game became free to play, no subscription services are required, even to queue up and play online against players from around the world.

Rocket League Arena
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Previously even free-to-play games required an Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus subscription to access online matchmaking. We're very glad to see this practice die out, as it opens up the doors to millions more players and keeps the game healthy for much longer.

Most free-to-play games now employ the same system, where a paid subscription is no longer required, even for consoles. Much like Rocket League, only premium passes are monetised.

Xbox Live Gold Perks

Unfortunately, even having Xbox Live Gold won't win you any points in Rocket League, and all Xbox users will have access to the same experience. While PlayStation Plus members will get an extra pack for free, Xbox has no equivalent just yet.

That being said, there are plenty of perks for those with an Xbox Game Pass this month outside of the game. Check out our list of all the games available in January 2023 that are completely free to those with Game Pass, as well as many more to be added.

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