Adopt Me Halloween 2021 Pets list

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Roblox has so many great games. From Pet Simulator X and Ninja Legends all the way to Restaurant Tycoon 2, there's always plenty to do. Adopt Me is one of the biggest games in the world and for great reason. Here's what you should know about the Halloween update and what pets we have found so far.

What is the Halloween Update?

The Halloween Update is a yearly bit of content that brings some spooky new creatures and sights to Adopt Me. If you're looking for something a little creepy, this is the perfect update for you!

This will give you the chance to unlock some creepy new pets, and that isn't all the update has in store.

Start Date

While the fall update is already live, the Adopt Me Halloween Update won't be out until October 28th. You can jump in at exactly 8am PT / 11am ET / 4pm BST

We don't know when it's due to end just yet but we will update as soon as we find out.

Roblox Adopt Me Halloween Pets List

So far, a handful of Adopt Me halloween update pets have released but the Twitter account assured players there's new ones too. We know that there's a spooky new dragon coming to the game. We also know about a skeleton dog and a mummy cat are arriving as well.

Outside of this, there's another type of dragon, an evil unicorn and a scary dog. We're sure to see even more in just a few short days. Keep an eye on their Twitter account for all the latest updates and teases. They tend to hint at new things a few days before they're officially announced. If you have sharp enough eyes and a good working knowledge of the game, you should be able to figure out.

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