Resident Evil Village File Download Size revealed

On PlayStation and Xbox consoles, you can preload Resident Evil Village, the eighth mainline game in the series, now.

While you won't actually be able to jump into the game until midnight on May 7, you'll want to get it downloaded ahead of time.

So that you can prepare your system for it, we've got all of the information you need on what the file download sizes are on all platforms.

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Resident Evil Village File Download Size

The file download sizes of Resident Evil Village have also been revealed ahead of release by PlayStationFileSizes on Twitter. They are:

  • PS4 - 29.4 GB
  • Xbox - 27.11 GB
  • PS5 - 27.4 GB
  • PC - Not yet confirmed

Thankfully, that's a lot smaller than other modern AAA games, so it shouldn't take up much space on your hard drive, unless it's already full of Call of Duty games.

We'll confirm the PC download size of Resident Evil Village once it's known.

Either way, be sure to check your system to make sure you've got enough space for Resident Evil Village. You don't want to get a shock and have to wait once the game releases.

Resident Evil Village Release Time

Talking of when the game releases, it'll be helpful to know exactly when you can jump into the game this week.

The times haven't been officially confirmed by Capcom yet, but we expect Resident Evil Village to unlock for everyone on Xbox and PlayStation at midnight local time on May 7.

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It's possible that you'll have to wait until later in the afternoon on PC, as players often do for new releases, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

As soon as the release times in all regions are confirmed, we'll be sure to add the list of them here. Midnight is the likely time, though.

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