Will Resident Evil Village Have VR Support?

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After the launch of multiple terrifying Resident Evil demos — and considerable hype — you may be wondering to yourself "Will Resident Evil Village VR happen?"

Unfortunately, the answer to this isn't so clear.

Why It Could Happen

The Resident Evil franchise is one with a certain pedigree behind it. As well as this, its history with PlayStation is undeniable.

That's why it made so much sense for a VR rendition of Resident Evil 7 way back at the start of 2017. The base game could handle both the flat and VR version of the game, making it an even better deal.

It sold well and became one of the standout games on the platform. Needless to say, fans were expecting it on the new hardware that is the PS5.

That better performance could lead to an even better scare. Unfortunately, a VR mode has not yet been announced and there are a few reasons why this could be.

Why Resident Evil Village VR Might Not Happen

Now, we're only a handful of days out from the official release whereas Resident Evil 7 VR was showcased way back in 2015 at E3, two whole years before the game. It had its own marketing and its own name, codenamed KI7CHEN.

Resident Evil Village VR
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What a lady

Unfortunately, whilst the power is there for a Resident Evil Village VR rendition on PS5, there are a few obstacles in the way from a technical angle.

Making the game playable on both PS4 and PS5 runs some of the resources thin from a developer perspective. Pushing the PS4 close to its limit, it's hard to believe that could run it on PSVR.


This leaves the PS5 — a machine that's powerful but very limited in stock. They could pool those resources but with a limited machine and a VR set that will likely be replaced, it's hard to believe it's worth the time right now.

Perhaps we could see it later down the line or in a proceeding instalment to Resident Evil. One can dream, anyway.

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