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Resident Evil 3 Remake Leak: Screenshots, New Look Nemesis, Horrifying Enemies & more

A new set of Resident Evil 3 Remake screenshots have emerged online over the weekend, giving us a better look at Nemesis upon his unwelcome return.

The new screenshots, which can be found on here, emerged recently on the ResetEra forums.

Nemesis looks like a real tough cookie in these screenshots, and will allegedly be able to track down Jill Valentine in “more ways than Tyrant from Resident Evil 2”.

Continue below for all the details that we could pull from the leak, which sheds more information on the other monsters, as well as the game's locations.

The Resident Evil 3 Remake is coming out 3 April 2020, so this leak comes just a matter of weeks before release.

nemesis resident evil 1
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STALKER: Here Jill Valentine is confronted by her pursuer Nemesis (who looks absolutely horrifying in the remake's graphical style)


Whether this was done to build hype intentionally or not is still unknown, but it has the community feeling reinvigorated and ready to play.

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The leaked screenshots showcase not only Nemesis, but also a couple of other terrifying monsters, as well as some of the game's locations.

Some of the screenshots also showcase characters and locations from Resistance, which is the game's online multiplayer mode.

resident evil 3 remake
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DESTRUCTION: Nemesis' fury knows no bounds


In the online co-op minigame, four players will form a team of survivors trying to make an escape from an experiment. 

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The experiment is run by the fifth player, who is in control of a character called Mastermind. 

The Remake is going to change things up over the original considerably.

location resident evil 3
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SPIN YOUR LUCK: This screenshot looks like it was taken straight out of GTA Online's Diamond Casino Heist campaign, but gives us clues about the upcoming remake's plot.


Back in December, it was confirmed that some story events will be changed.

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The game will also be more action-oriented, and Jill's new look is meant to reflect this approach.

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