Red Dead Redemption: Next Gen Remastered Leaked?

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Now this has got us excited!

Red Dead Redemption was one of the games of the 2010s, and now it looks like we'll be able to relive it all over again.

RDR Remastered Leaked?

We've had plenty of remastered games confirmed for release on the Next Gen line of consoles, but Red Dead Redemption isn't one of them.

However it appears that we can start getting our hopes up of a trip back to 1911 after the title was supposedly leaked online.

Release Date Revealed

An eagle-eyed Reddit user spotted what looks to be a leak from Amazon, suggesting that a remastered edition of the 2010 release will be heading to their site on December 10.

Unfortunately, the link does not actually work, instead redirecting you to the Amazon homepage. It does seem slightly strange that only an Xbox One edition is featured in the Google description too.

Next Gen Remastered

Whilst there is no word of a Next Gen release in the leak, we'd say it's pretty safe to assume that should a Remastered version hit the shelves, that Next Gen would be on that list.

And, with the original release of RDR featuring on both Xbox and PlayStation, there shouldn't be the issue of console exclusives either.

Everyone's a winner!

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