Red Dead Online 17 March Weekly Update LIVE: Showdown mode, last stand, Patch Release date, time, Rank Rewards, patch notes, news, discounts, list & more

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Coronavirus may be slowly shutting down the world, but Red Dead Online's weekly updates give us something to look forward to!

Last week's update gave us the new Rank Rewards system, so perhaps this week we will once again have something for everyone across the Wild West.

Release Date

Red Dead Online's next update has arrived.

Rockstar Games Twitter has announced the latest update, and it is a big one!

Showdown mode updates

A new Featured Series has been introduced to Red Dead Online with new Showdown Mode variations. Compete in a quartet of capture style modes, starting out with only a handful of Throwing Knives and a smattering of Shotgun pick-ups scattered across the fields of battle.

Last Stand

A new variation of this popular free-for-all Showdown Mode, where you start off with empty pockets but spawn next to a random weapon and must outlast all opposition. Oh, and you’ve only got but one life to do it with.

Maps: Annesburg Mine, Armadillo and Cemetery

Most recent Update

This is what Rockstar released last Tuesday:

Rank Rewards and Benefits

For the first time in Red Dead Online, Rockstar is rewarding both new and veteran player with various rewards.

All of the following are active until 6 April, 2020.

Reach Rank 10

Get a Reward for a free Hunting Bow and an Offer for 5 Gold Bars off the Bounty Hunter License.

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Reach Rank 20

Get an Offer for 50% off a Shotgun of your choice and an Offer for 50% off a Revolver of your choice.

Reach Rank 30

Get a Reward for a free Machete and an Offer for 50% off a Repeater of your choice.

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SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE – No matter how long you’ve been playing, there are offers in store

Reach Rank 40

Get an Offer for 40% off a Stable Stall and an Offer for 40% off a Horse of your choice.

Reach Rank 50

Get a Reward good for 1 free Character Appearance Change plus an Offer for 50% off any Coat below Rank 15 and an Offer for 40% off a Tent for your camp site.

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Reach Rank 60

All players beyond Rank 60 get a Reward for a free Navy Revolver, an Offer for 40% off a Camp Dog of your choice, an Offer for 50% off a Stable Stall and 5 free Moonshine Mash Refills.


Gunslingers should also take advantage of a sweeping 40% discount on all Revolver, Repeater and Rifle Ammo — stock up and you won’t get caught lacking in firepower.

Twitch Prime benefits

Red Dead Online players who connect their Twitch Prime account with the Rockstar Games Social Club will receive the Collector’s Bag, a Polished Copper Moonshine Still Upgrade and a Reward for 5 Moonshiner Role Ranks — all free of charge (visit Twitch Prime to sign up).

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LEVEL UP – Members of Twitch Prime & Plus receive offers above the rest

PlayStation Plus benefits

PlayStation Plus members will receive a Reward for 3 Free Ability Cards of their choice.

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