Red Dead Online 7 April Weekly Update Released: Daily Challenge Bonus, Gold Bars, Double XP, Discounts & more

How you faring in isolation?

Red Dead Online weekly updates give us something to look forward to every week, with a whole lost of discounts, deals and new content to get our cowboy hands on.

Daily Challenge Bonus

Complete one Daily Challenge per day in Red Dead Online to reach a 3-day Daily Challenge streak and get a special gift of:

  • 10 Special Health Cures
  • 10 Special Miracle Tonics
  • 10 Special Snake Oils
  • 20 Incendiary Buckshot Slugs
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STREAK - Log-on every day to rank up those rewards!

Gifts will arrive in your Camp Lockbox or Post Office within 48 hours of completion.

5 Gold Bar Gift

All players can enjoy a little extra pocket change this week for playing Red Dead Online.

Play any time before Tuesday, 14 April to get 5 Gold Bars.

Allow 48 hours for the gift to arrive.


Whether you're a crack shot, a jockey or if competition is the only thing that gets your blood flowing, you're in luck.

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SHOWSTOPPER - Showdown mode has been a great hit in Red Dead Online

Showdown Modes and Races are both dishing out Double XP this week.


There is a broad swath of discounts on offer across the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue this week, including:

40% off

  • Rifles
  • Pistols
  • Pamphlets

50% off

  • Ponchos
  • Shirts
  • All items in the Wilderness Outfitters Store
    • (Butcher's Table not included)

70% off

  • Off-hand Holsters and Gun Belts
  • Draft Horses
  • War Horses
  • Pants
  • Gloves

PS Plus and Twitch Prime

There are no additional bonuses for PlayStation Plus or Twitch Prime members this week.

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