Yeezy vs Ultraboost: Which Should You Buy?

Yeezy's and Ultraboost's are some of the first shoes that come to our minds when we think about Boost technology, but which out of the two adidas sneakers should you buy?

To help you come to an informed decision, we've looked into some of the similarities and differences between them, taking their retail price, design, and comfort into account, before giving our overall verdict on which we think are best.

While both are still being made to this day, as seen with the upcoming Yeezy 350 v2 "Reverse Oreo" release, we've decided to start by looking into how both shoes came into existence.

With that being said, here's a brief summary of the history behind the adidas Yeezy and Ultraboost...

Yeezy vs Ultraboost - History

Sportswear rivals Nike and PUMA are actually partly responsible for the creation of the Yeezy's and Ultraboost's

PUMA had begun working with BASF, a German company that manufactures industrial products such as chemicals, plastics, and foam, in 2009 to create a new type of material that generated a greater energy return for runners.

Reports are unclear as to why, but PUMA terminated its relationship with the company in 2011, which then paved the way for adidas to come in and sign an exclusive partnership with the brand.

BASF advert for new adidas Boost material featuring a black adidas trainer and a graphic of the inside of the Boost technology.
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Credit: BASF

In 2013, BASF created Infinergy, the world’s first expanded thermoplastic polyurethane, which adidas added to its new Energy Boost sneakers in February of that year.

By 2015, the Energy Boost would evolve into the Ultraboost after the 'Boost' technology saw huge real-world success like being used to set marathon records in Berlin.

adidas Ultraboost and Energy Boost product image of the triple-black Ultraboost's below neon yellow Energy Boost's.
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Credit: adidas

Ultraboost's then took off in a big way, with the likes of Kanye West wearing a triple-white pair at one of his concerts coincidentally.

Back in 2013, Kanye signed with adidas after his partnership with Nike fell through. Although short-lived it did spawn the first few Yeezy's though - the Nike Air Yeezy's.

Shortly after Kanye wore Ultraboost's on stage, the world was introduced to the first adidas-made Yeezy Boost known as the 350 "Turtle Dove", thus summing up how the two came into existence.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 "Turtle Dove" product image of a white and black knitted sneaker.
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Credit: adidas

Yeezy vs Ultraboost - Price

Now you know more about the history of the shoes, you may be wondering which out of the two is cheapest?

Generally speaking, Ultraboost's are cheaper than Yeezy's. This is particularly apparent when you look at the retail price of the latest model, the Ultraboost 22's, which is still less than any of the recent Yeezy Boost drops.

adidas Ultraboost 22 product image of a blue knitted sneaker with pink and white details.
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Credit: adidas

That said, Yeezy's are more accessible than they once were, which is why both their retail and resale prices are closer to a pair of Ultraboost's than you might think.

Yeezy vs Ultraboost - Design And Comfort

Despite the fact that both shoes were launched in the same year and contain adidas' Boost technology, the purpose for which they were created differs.

Ultraboost's were built primarily for athletic performance, whilst Yeezy's were always designed as lifestyle and fashion sneakers.

As a result, Ultraboost's come with slightly denser structures and additional Boost material in the midsoles for superior energy returns.

On the one hand, this should help make them the more comfortable out of the two; however, Yeezy's come with wider outsoles which can help with stability and, in turn, comfort.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 "Beluga Solar Red" product image of the translucent brown outsole.
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Credit: adidas

It's safe to say you'll likely find both incredibly comfortable to wear which makes it difficult for us to pick between the two.

Which Should You Buy?

On the topic of picking between the two, it's hard to choose between them as it will ultimately come down to personal preference and what you're looking to get out of a new pair of sneakers.

Having said that, we'd argue that for any kind of sporting activity, whether that's running or going to the gym, Ultraboost's probably have the edge over a pair of Yeezy's.

Not only are they advertised as sportswear, but they're also a little cheaper and more accessible which means they're slightly easier to replace if you end up wearing your pair down through sport.

For fashion purposes though, you may be better off going for a pair of Yeezy's, although, as stated above, this decision would ultimately come down to your own preference.

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