Stranger Things x Vans Old Skool Hellfire Club OUT NOW: Price speculation, release date, and where to buy

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Vans has debuted a new footwear and apparel collection inspired by the infamous "Hellfire Club" in celebration of the fourth and final season of Stranger Things making its way onto our TV screens.

In terms of footwear, the collection originally included special edition versions of the classic Sk8-Hi, Authentics, and the hugely popular Old Skools.

However, Vans has since revealed more designs which include the "Character" Checkerboard Authentics and the "Upside Down Camo" Sk8-His.

Interestingly, the collection's arrival follows the recently released Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon collaboration, which saw Vans drop new Authentics and Sk8-His inspired by the Japanese tokusatsu television series.

That said, we're focusing on the Stranger Things collaboration in this article. So, without further delay, let's get into it...

Stranger Things x Vans Old Skool Hellfire Club Release Date

The Stranger Things Old Skool Vans are available now as of 23 August 2022 for Vans Family members only, putting them in contention to be considered among some of the best sneakers for summer around.

This means they're due to arrive a little over a month after the show's epic two-part finale which dropped on Netflix at the beginning of July.

The sneakers are available generally in the US and EU on 26 August 2022. Stay tuned for more information right here.

Stranger Things x Vans Old Skool Hellfire Club Design

The arrival of Sadie Sink's skateboard-loving Max Mayfield character in Season 2 saw Vans regularly making an appearance in almost every episode.

Therefore, it seemed almost inevitable that the two would collaborate on a sneaker release at some point, and what better way to kick off the partnership than with these classic Old Skools inspired by Season 4's "Hellfire Club".

Stranger Things x Vans Old Skool product image of a black sneaker with white soles and "Hellfire Club" details.
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Credit: Vans

The sneakers feature a ton of references to the Dungeons & Dragons group including chain links, flaming swords, demon motifs, and an axe with 'Hell Can Wait' printed on the midsoles.

All of these details are presented on a black canvas backdrop with a red crackled print in reference to the depths of hell. As an aside, check out our guide to cleaning canvas shoes right here.

The sneakers then sit on top of the usual white midsoles; however, the typical white laces have been replaced by worn-out yellow laces instead.

You then get a special edition Stranger Things x Vans black and red hang tag as well as packaging to round off this collaborative release.

Stranger Things x Vans Old Skool Hellfire Club Price

Although originally unknown, Vans official listing of the sneakers confirms their retail price as £95 in adult sizing.

This is a touch more than the usual cost of a pair of Old Skools, which typically cost somewhere between £65 and £75, however, this is most likely due to the immense popularity of the television show.

Where To Buy The Stranger Things x Vans Old Skool Hellfire Club

You can find the "Hellfire Club" Old Skools at the Vans store right now.

If you're not able to secure your pair through retail, then we'd recommend checking out the resale market at StockX as an alternative place to secure your pair.

For more information, check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers right here.

Similar Products You Can Buy Now

If you miss out on a chance to secure the Stranger Things sneakers, then there are a few alternatives that you can buy right now to add to your collection.

Nightmare On Elm Street x Vans Sk8-Hi

Nightmare On Elm Street x Vans Sk8-Hi product image of red and green horror-themed sneakers.
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Credit: Vans

Friday The 13th x Vans Classic Slip-On

Friday The 13th x Vans Classic Slip-On product image of red and white splattered sneakers with Friday The 13th logo printed.
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Credit: Vans

Vans Old Skool Primary Check

Vans Old Skool Primary Check product image of a single black sneaker with a white and black checkered pattern.
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Credit: Vans

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