SNEAKY Shoe Cleaning Kit On Sale With A Massive 50% Off

A black packet with a clear front showcasing sneaker cleaning products. The packet itself features red and white branding.
Credit: SNEAKY

Anyone with an extensive shoe collection knows keeping all those trainers clean is expensive business. From the cleaning formula itself to having a suitable brush, there are a lot of things needed to do a thorough job. The good news is there are cleaning kits out there, with SNEAKY's Cleaning Kit definitely one to look out for right now seeing as it's on sale.

This all-in-one cleaning solution has had its price cut but a massive 50% to just $11.62, or by 39% to £11.98 if you're based in the UK. Both discounts are great, especially when you consider what you get in return as far as budget-friendly shoe cleaning kits go.

A black bottle featuring red and white branding and a pump-to-use top next to a black brush and white cloth.
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Credit: SNEAKY

This handy little kit includes a direct-to-shoe foam cleaner that's suitable to use on practically every sneaker material, including tricky-to-clean ones like suede, nubuck, and patent leather.

You also get a premium hog hair-cleaning brush that works great on dirt and tough stains ruining rubber soles, and a useful microfibre cloth for drying your shoes after cleaning as well as wiping away any final marks.

As you can see, it's a pretty comprehensive solution to your sneaker cleaning needs, and it's made even better by that 50% discount. Just make sure you act fast as there's a chance this deal could pass by before you know it.

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