Everything You Need For Battlefield 2042: TVs, Monitors, And Controllers

When thinking of everything you need for Battlefield 2042, you probably picture a controller, a headset, and maybe a monitor, but what else do you need to build the ultimate setup?

Well, we thought about this too and have complied a list of our top gaming accessories and equipment, focusing primarily on items to help enhance your FPS gameplay.

As Battlefield 2042 is out right now, there's never been a better time to take your setup to the next level.

From comfortable chairs for gaming, like this noblechairs ICON, to 144hz monitors, like this Gigabyte AORUS FI32U, we've got everything you need right here.

Everything You Need For Battlefield 2042

Best Monitor For Battlefield 2042 - Gigabyte AORUS FI32U

Everything you need for Battlefield 2042 Gigabyte product image of a monitor with multicoloured lines on a black background on its display.
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Image Credit: Gigabyte

Screen Size: 32" | Hardware Interface: 1x Display Port 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.1, 2x USB 3.0 | Refresh Rate: 144Hz | Resolution: 4K, 3840x2160 | Response Time: 1ms

We featured the Gigabyte AORUS before in our list of the best monitors for Battlefield 2042, so it may come as no surprise we're including it again as a key bit of kit for your ultimate FPS setup.

What we like most about this monitor is its two HDMI 2.1 ports, making it suitable for playing Battlefield 2042 at 120Hz on the next-gen consoles.

The Gigabyte AORUS also boasts an impressive 4K resolution, coupled with a low 1ms response time, which should make it a great option to consider if you're after detailed picture quality with minimal input lag.

Best Controller For Battlefield 2042 - Xbox Elite Series 2

Everything you need for Battlefield 2042 Xbox product image of an elite, black controller.
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Image Credit: Xbox

Brand: Xbox | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox

The Xbox Elite Series 2 controller features some of the most advanced technology going, the majority of which are tailored towards FPS games in particular.

One of these features includes the trigger-like back bumpers that can be adjusted to minimise the distance required to fire your weapon, designed to scratch off a few milliseconds from your reaction times.

The Elite Series 2 also comes with six replaceable thumbsticks and a tool to adjust their stiffness to your personal preference which, we feel, makes it a great option to consider as you can alter the joysticks too, hopefully, improve your firing accuracy.

Best Headset For Battlefield 2042 - Razer BlackShark V2 X

Best headset for Battlefield 2042 Razer product image of a green headset with black padding.
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Image Credit: Razer

Brand: Razer | Style: Over-Ear | Noise Control: Sound Isolation | Compatibility: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox, Switch

The Razer BlackShark V2 X is another item we've featured before in our list of the best headsets for Battlefield 2042, but we've decided to feature it again as it is compatible with every major games console.

That's not all though. The Razer BlackShark should also deliver exceptional sound quality thanks to its TriForce 50mm Drivers and 7.1 Surround Sound, designed to provide brighter and clearer audio across the highs, mids, and lows to help you hear even the faintest of enemy footsteps.

Moreover, it comes with a HyperClear Cardioid Mic to help you communicate with your teammates clearly and efficiently, which is another great reason why we think it is well worth considering for your setup.

Best TV For Battlefield 2042 - LG OLED55B16LA

Everything you need for Battlefield 2042 LG product image of a TV with an orange and pink, lit up tree on the display.
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Image Credit: LG

Screen Size: 55" | Hardware Interface: HDMI 2.1, USB, Display Port | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | Resolution: 4K | Type: OLED

If you're looking to sit back and relax on your sofa whilst playing Battlefield 2042, then a high-end TV like the LG OLED55B16LA may be for you.

It features HDMI 2.1 ports plus a 120Hz refresh rate, making it suitable for next-gen gaming. Its 4K resolution should also ensure you're showcasing Battlefield in the best quality possible from either your PS5 or Xbox Series X.

It's also worth noting the LG OLED55B16LA incorporates LG's Game Optimization technology, design to help you enhance your TV settings for all genres of games by allowing you to adjust VRR, NVIDIA G-SYNC, and AMD FreeSync technology.

Best Gaming Chair For Battlefield 2042 - noblechairs ICON

Everything you need for Battlefield 2042 noblechairs product image of an all-black office-style chair.
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Image Credit: noblechairs

Brand: noblechairs | Material: Geuine Leather | Max Weight: 150kg | Dimensions: 67D x 69W x 137H cm

noblechairs manufacture high-end, office-style gaming chairs, but its ICON is one of its most premium products due to being made of highly durable genuine leather.

noblechairs also boast the ICON can be reclined 135 degrees. So, if you really want to lay back and relax on Battlefield 2042, you can do with this gaming chair.

If you're looking to play Battlefield 2042 for long periods of time, then the inclusion of lumbar support and pillows should keep you comfortable and to help you maintain good posture throughout your session.

Best Mini-Fridge For Battlefield 2042 - Subcold Super50

Everything you need for Battlefield 2042 Subcold product image of an all-black, open mini-fridge with silver shelves inside.
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Image Credit: Subcold

Brand: Subcold | Net Capacity: 46l | Temp Range: 3 to -18 degrees

The aptly named Subcold Super50 should be the perfect bit of kit to help keep you hydrated and nourished during your online Battlefield 2042 sessions.

It comes with a 46l net capacity, meaning it will likely be able to store all the refreshments you need to game with to help you last for longer on Battlefield 2042.

We also like the fact the Subcold Super50 is said to consume minimal energy and produce low levels of noise which is another reason why, we think, it's worth considering as you shouldn't get distracted by the sounds of this machine during online gameplay.

Best Desk Fan For Battlefield 2042 - SmartDevil USB Desk Fan

Everything you need for Battlefield 2042 SmartDevil product image of a small, blue desk fan.
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Image Credit: SmartDevil

Brand: SmartDevil | Power: USB

While gaming, particularly in Summer, you can sometimes get pretty hot, especially as you'll likely have a number of electronic devices generating their own heat.

To counteract this, adding a mini desk fan, like this SmartDevil device, to your Battlefield 2042 setup could be a good shout, particularly during longer sessions.

It's powered by a USB cable so can easily be connected to your PC or console and, SmartDevil boasts, it's ultra-quiet so you should be able to stay focused on your surroundings in-game rather than being distracted by its sound.

Frequently Asked Questions About Battlefield 2042

Like with most new games, you'll probably have loads of questions when you first start playing, and Battlefield 2042 seems to be no different.

Don't worry though, because we've answered some of the most common queries right here.

What Editions Are Available For Battlefield 2042?

There are three editions of the latest installment in the Battlefield franchise.

The most common edition will likely be the standard copy, however, you can upgrade slightly and go for the gold edition which will feature one year's access to the game pass and early access to Battlefield 2042.

If you want to go one step further, you can pick up the ultimate edition which includes everything from the gold version, plus the Midnight Ultimate Bundle, the digital artbook, and the digital soundtrack.

If you want to find out more, check out all our information on how to pre-order Battlefield 2042.

When Is Battlefield 2042 Out?

Players who pre-ordered the Gold and Ultimate Editions, and EA Play Pro members can play the full experience during the early access period starting November 12, 2021.

This then opens up to everyone else on November 19 as the full game is released.

It's worth mentioning that you can currently pre-load the game on all platforms so you can jump straight into Battlefield 2042 on release day.

What Game Modes Are In Battlefield 2042?

The game itself is multiplayer only, but offers three major modes: All-out War, Hazard Zone, and Portal.

All-out War is your stereotypical online Battlefield experience, featuring games such as Conquest and Breakthrough.

Hazard Zone is the first new game mode to Battlefield 2042 and the aim is to search for data drives, which are found in these satellites that have crashed down to Earth, in squads of four.

The other new game mode is Portal which is a community-driven platform where you can create your own unique modes and tinker with weapons and maps using the new Builder tool.

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