Do Air Jordans Crease?

If you're a big sneaker or basketball fan, you've probably wondered 'do Air Jordan's crease?'

Perhaps you're looking to wear your best Air Jordans out, but don't want to end up ruining them the first time you put them on.

Fortunately, we're here to help with our guide of all the tips and tricks for keeping your favourite sneakers looking brand-new, regardless of how many times you wear them.

With that being said, let's begin...

Do Air Jordans Crease?

Unfortunately, creasing is an inevitable part of wearing sneakers, and, no matter how much you try to avoid it, consistent wear will result in some signs of aging.

For example, the Air Jordan 1 is one of the most popular basketball shoes of all time and, in the case of the Jordan 1 "Bred Toe", is typically made entirely of leather on the upper.

Air Jordan 1 "Bred Toe" product image of a red, white, and black pair of sneakers.
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Air Jordan

While leather is great for durability, it is also very stiff and susceptible to creasing which is why many Jordan 1 fans seek out ways to prevent it.

However, not all Jordans are made from leather, with many examples out there of Jordans made from suede, mesh, and even knitted fabric.

Take this Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23, for example, that features Nike's Flyknit technology across the upper which is far more flexible and essentially crease-proof.

Air Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 product image of a pair of black sneakers.
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Air Jordan

Additionally, the latest Jordan XXXVI, featured in our list of the best basketball shoes, comes with a mostly mesh toe box which should greatly reduce the risk of creasing, especially if you're looking to use them on the court.

Why Do Air Jordans Crease?

One of the biggest reasons why creasing is inevitable is because your foot naturally flexes when moving.

Air Jordan 36 product image of a pair of white, red, and black sneakers.
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Air Jordan

If you take a look at some of your most-worn shoes, you'll probably find they bend upwards and adopt a curved profile due to the movement of your feet inside the shoes.

This is why you'll often see creasing along the toe box as the ball of your foot acts as the pivot point where your foot and, therefore, sneaker bends.

How To Avoid Your Air Jordans From Creasing?

One of the biggest ways to stop your Air Jordans from creasing is by ensuring they fit correctly.

In our guide to how basketball shoes should fit, we mention that Clarks recommend you leave about one finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe.

By doing this, you avoid having a larger-than-necessary toe box that your foot can't help hold shape by being too big for you to fill.

You can also add foam inserts, or even keep the cardboard ones that come with the Jordans, into your shoes each time you've finished wearing them to help keep your sneakers as straight as possible at all times.

How Do You Remove Creases From Air Jordans?

One of the most commonly used techniques for removing creases is by packing your shoes with paper as tightly as possible to try and straighten out the wrinkles.

While this may work to some extent, it probably won't completely remove creases.

You can, however, take this method a step further but applying a wet cloth or towel to the toe box and then carefully ironing out the wrinkles, but be careful not to apply too much direct heat to your sneakers as this can cause permanent damage.

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