Best Water Bottle 2021: Reusable, BPA-Free, And More Top Picks

The best water bottle can help keep you hydrated throughout your day and during tough workouts.

In fact, we'd go as far as to say it should be one of the first items to pack in your top gym bag to ensure you've always got a drink to hand.

To help you find the perfect bottle, we've put together this list, based on specs, price, and reviews, highlighting some of the small details that we think make each of these bottles stand out.

Whether you're looking for something with a high capacity, like this HYDRATE XL Jug, or you're after something insulated, like this Chilly’s Bottle, we've got you covered right here.

Best Water Bottle

Best Water Bottle – Sundried Water Bottle

Best Water Bottle Sundried product image of transparent bottle with red silicon lid
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Image Credit: Sundried

Brand: Sundried | Material: BPA Free Tritan | Capacity: 750ml

This water bottle is designed to suit everyday use and workouts as Sundried boast their BPA free Tritan polymer keeps this bottle stain, smell, and shatter-resistant, all whilst imitating the feel of real glass.

The shatter resistance may be particularly useful in case you drop some weights off your top barbell onto the bottle during a challenging set.

Moreover, it comes with a silicone lid which should prevent leaking, meaning you can run, accompanied by your top Fitbit, with this bottle and not have to worry about its contents going everywhere.

Sundried strikes a good balance with the size of the bottle as its 750ml capacity will most likely keep you hydrated, even during long sessions, but won’t weigh a ton when full.

Ultimately, this is a good all-round item to have on you at all times, but especially when training in the gym because staying hydrated is vital for performance.

Best Water Bottle On A Budget – Sistema Traverse Tritan Bottle

Best Water Bottle Sistema product image of a lilac bottle with a black handle
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Image Credit: Sistema

Brand: Sistema | Material: Tritan Plastic | Capacity: 850ml

This handy bottle from Sistema has a number of useful features which make it great for carrying with you whilst working out.

It is once again made from Tritan plastic meaning it's pretty odour-resistant and durable to the point where it can be put through a dishwasher and it will likely come out crack-free.

If you're out on a walk or run and listening to your favourite tunes on your top running headphones, then the loop connecting the lid and the bottle can double as a handle to help you hold on to your water as you exercise.

Interestingly, when purchasing this product, you will receive a random colour from Sistema's range which adds an element of intrigue and stops you from spending hours picking the design you like most.

Best Insulated Water Bottle – Chilly's Bottle

Best Water Bottle Chilly's product image of a blue metal bottle with silver lid
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Image Credit: Chilly's

Brand: Chilly's | Material: Stainless Steel | Capacity: 750ml

The stainless steel Chilly’s Bottle is a highly versatile and reusable item designed to keep cool drinks cold and hot drinks hot, making it ideal to use all year round.

Another benefit to it being made of steel is that it's strong, meaning if any damage occurs to the outside, the contents on the inside should remain safe and not leak out.

To double down on any leaking, Chilly's boasts an airtight seal lid, reducing the chance of accidental spillages which is vital if you're carrying this bottle around in a gym bag on your way to workout.

The bottle is stylish too as Chilly's offer a whole range of interesting colours and designs which means there is likely a design to suit any occasion or scenario.

Ultimately, the Chilly’s Bottle should be a great item to keep your water insulated, especially whilst you tackle some heavy sets with your top squat rack.

Best High-Capacity Water Bottle – HYDRATE XL Jug

Best Water Bottle HYDRATE product image of a mint green 2.2l bottle
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Image Credit: HYDRATE

Brand: HYDRATE | Material: Plastic | Capacity: 2.2l

Sometimes you want to just fill your bottle up at the start of the day and not have to do it again until the next one.

With this HYDRATE XL Jug you can as the bottle offers you your recommended daily water intake in just one fill, making it a great option for travelling around with.

It is made from strong BPA free plastic, making it safe and durable to reuse every day and the lid has two holes, one for drinking out of and the other for air, stopping the bottle from concaving from the pressure as you drink.

With a bottle this size, it is no surprise HYDRATE provide a handle and strap for you to hold for a more convenient carry as you go about your daily life.

Although designed for water, you could also utilise the HYDRATE XL Jug to mix your top protein powder in after a challenging gym session.

Best Glass Water Bottle – Cleesmil Sports Glass Water Bottle

Best Water Bottle Cleesmill product image of a glass bottle surrounded by a silicone sleeve for protection
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Image Credit: Cleesmill

Brand: Cleesmil | Material: Glass | Capacity: 1000ml

This environmentally conscious container is certainly a great option if you prefer glass over any other material for your bottle.

Its sleek design is accompanied by a silicone sleeve for extra protection, making it useful for activities such as weightlifting as the sleeve should ensure the bottle doesn't break if knocked over.

The sleeve has also been designed for grip, making it a good option for something to take with you on a run.

Cleesmil boasts a leak-proof bamboo and food-grade plastic lid with a carry loop to help you hold onto it whilst travelling to the gym or to work.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Bottles

With so many different types of water bottles to choose from, you probably have a few queries about them, but we're here to clear up a few of the most common questions.

What Does BPA Free Mean?

A BPA free product is one that doesn't contain Bisphenol A often found in polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins.

In the past, many plastic products were made using BPA, however, it is now common to see BPA free products for those who may be interested in limiting their contact with it.

Why Choose A Reusable Water Bottle?

Owning a reusable bottle helps reduce the production of new plastic bottles which can pollute the environment.

Also, having something reusable is more convenient and means you save money by not having to keep purchasing the same item over and over again each time you finish the last one.

How Do I Clean A Water Bottle?

This is actually a more complicated question than it might seem as not all water bottles are dishwasher safe.

Typically, if the company state the bottles ok to put in the dishwasher then feel free to do so.

If it's not specifically highlighted though, it might be best to just wash it up in the sink with warm water and some washing-up liquid.

Will All Water Bottles Keep My Drinks Cool?

The simple answer is no, to keep your drinks cool you'll need to get yourself an insulated bottle like one from Chilly’s.

Although being insulated doesn't guarantee your water will stay cool all day, if you fill it up with cold water, it will stay cold for much longer than a standard, non-insulated bottle would, making them more ideal for when you're training outside in the sun for example.

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