Best Sneaker Releases For NBA All-Star Weekend 2023

All-Star Weekend is one of the hottest events in the NBA calendar, packed full of skill challenges, games, and slam dunk contests. However, amongst all the excitement, you'll usually find a ton of special edition shoes released for the occasion as well.

So, with the 2023 All-Star Weekend been and gone, we've decided to round up some of the best sneaker releases that took place over the course of the event, taking everything from the "ASW" collection to the new Nike Preservation Pack into consideration.

We're covering the best confirmed drops from the weekened. However, we have selected one release that didn't make an apperance on the court. That said, it's one of the best basketball shoes we've seen as of late, so felt it deserved some recognition here.

With this in mind, let's get into our list of top picks. Here are the best sneaker releases for NBA All-Star Weekend...

Best sneaker releases for NBA All-Star Weekend

Nike LeBron XX "ASW"

Best sneakers releasing for NBA All-Star Weekend - Nike LeBron XX "ASW" product image of a light blue and grey mesh sneaker with coconut and sesame-coloured accents.
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Credit: Nike

The "ASW" LeBron XX is one of the best sneakers to drop for All-Star Weekend, especially with The King captaining the Western Conference side.

Not only that, but with LeBron recently surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's NBA career scoring record, Nike has made sure to reflect this achievement in the design.

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For example, the heel tabs read “The Records of King James”, while the tongues feature the moniker “Legacy Preserved” to complete this iconic and stylish light blue colourway.

Other stand-out details include the double-stacked Swooshes, the Nike Basketball Museum archaeological graphic on the insoles, and the special edition "XX" lace dubraes acting as timestamps for LeBron's legendary career.

Nike Zoom Freak 4 "ASW"

Best sneakers releasing for NBA All-Star Weekend - Nike Zoom Freak 4 "ASW" product image of a purple and white sneaker with a reverse pink Swoosh.
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Credit: Nike

From the West to the East, Giannis Antetokounmpo's "ASW" Nike Zoom Freak 4 looks to be another standout sneaker that's dropped for the All-Star event.

There are a ton of references to All-Star Weekend and Giannis' career here, including “2023” in Roman numerals on the heels, the same archaeological ticket on the insoles, plus nods to Antetokounmpo's Greek upbringing and Nigerian heritage.

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The colour scheme is also pretty special. Various purple tones dress the majority of the shoe, while the midsole and heel sections feature golden speckles and accents.

The reverse Swooshes then arrive in differing pink hues to complete this incredible All-Star Weekend release.

Nike KD15 "ASW"

Best sneakers releasing for NBA All-Star Weekend - Nike KD15 "ASW" product image of a light brown and sail sneaker with a wavy orange and pink pattern.
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Credit: Nike

Although Kevin Durant is currently expected to be out for the All-Star break, we couldn't put together a list of the best All-Star Weekend releases without mentioning this incredible "ASW" KD15.

The design is what we'd call clean. It's dressed mainly in Light Orewood Brown, but features a unique pink and orange marbleised pattern along the side and tongue.

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The sneaker also comes with several nods to All-Star Weekend, including "2023" in Roman numerals yet again on the heel tab, plus the same archaeological graphic featured throughout Nike's All-Star collection.

While we may not get to see these amazing KD15s on the court this weekend, make sure you still check them out for your own collection.

PUMA MB.02 "Rick and Morty"

Best sneakers releasing for NBA All-Star Weekend - PUMA MB.02 "Rick and Morty" product image of a mismatched yellow and pink and purple and green set of sneakers.
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Credit: PUMA

While LaMelo Ball may not be a feature of this weekend's events, this "Rick and Morty" PUMA MB.02 is one we just had to highlight.

It's the second time LaMelo and PUMA have used everyone's favourite intergalactic adventures as their inspiration, this time around featuring graphics of both Rick and Morty on the tongues of these mismatched sneakers.

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The shoes also feature the duo's signature catchphrases inside, with “Get Your Sh*t Together” and “Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!” printed on the interior of the tongues.

Ultimately, while it may not make an appearance on the court this weekend, it's still one to consider for your own personal collection after dropping during the event.

adidas D.O.N. Issue #4 “Grambling State”

Best sneakers releasing for NBA All-Star Weekend - adidas D.O.N. Issue #4 “Grambling State” product image of a black, yellow, and white sneaker.
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Credit: PUMA

This adidas D.O.N. Issue #4 “Grambling State” colourway pays homage to, unsurprisingly, Grambling State, who are taking part in this weekend's NBA HBCU Classic.

As a result, the shoe is dressed in black, white, and gold to match the universities official colours, and features Lightstrike cushioning in the midsole for added comfort.

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The sneaker also comes with a unique data-driven traction pattern underfoot to help the likes of Mitchell stop and start on a dime to outperform the opposition.

Ultimately, the shoes embody the fearless attitude of Donovan Mitchell himself, who is down to start for the Eastern Conference during this weekend's events. So, keep an eye out for the sneakers on-court during the All-Star game.

Frequently asked questions about NBA All-Star Weekend sneakers

All-Star weekend is one of the hottest events in the NBA calendar, resulting in the scramble for All-Star sneakers often leading to a ton of questions. Don't worry though, we've answered some of the most common queries below.

When do sneakers for NBA All-Star Weekend get released?

The official NBA All-Star game takes place on February 19 this year. However, the weekend kicks off a few days prior on February 17, giving fans plenty of basketball action to look forward to over the three-day event.

As a result, this year's sneaker releases look as though they're generally taking place in and around February 17, which conforms to when sneakers for All-Star Weekend usually drop year on year.

Where can you buy sneakers for NBA All-Star Weekend?

Most of the best places to buy sneakers will stock and sell shoes over the course of All-Star Weekend, including the manufacturers behind each new model.

That said, the popularity of the event can mean fans clamoring to secure the special edition shoes of their favourite NBA stars, resulting in sneakers regularly selling out.

If this happens to you, then we'd recommend checking out second-hand resale websites like StockX as an alternative place to buy. StockX is particularly great because it authenticates every purchase to ensure what you're buying is legitimate, according to its verification process.

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