Best Controller For Halo Infinite: Top Picks For Xbox And PC

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There's a lot to consider when searching for the best controller for Halo Infinite, especially as it can be tough to assess how much you need to spend to give yourself the upper hand over your competition.

Thankfully, we've done some of the research for you to compile a list of our top picks, based on features, price, and reviews, to kick start your search as Halo Infinite is out now.

From advanced gamepads for the next-gen console, like this Xbox Elite Series 2, to relatively inexpensive options, like this Turtle Beach Recon, we've got everything you need to kick off your search right here.

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Best Controller For Halo Infinite


Best Xbox One Controller For Halo Infinite - Razer Wolverine Ultimate

Best controller for Halo Infinite Razer product image of a black controller with Chroma lighting effects.
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Image Credit: Razer
Brand: Razer | Connectivity: USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate seems to have a lot of upsides to help you take your Halo skills up a notch.


Firstly, it comes with Razer's hair-trigger mode which is designed to greatly reduce travel distance to the two main triggers to help give you the upper hand in a gunfight.

Moreover, the Wolverine Ultimate features interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pads so you can customise the layout to your personal preference, helping to improve your precision and accuracy.

Razer also boasts its controller includes 2 remappable bumpers, 4 multi-function triggers, and a quick control panel to make accessing your most-used controls much quicker, and is another reason why we think it is worth considering for Halo Infinite.

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Best Xbox Series X Controller For Halo Infinite - Xbox Elite Series 2

Best controller for Halo Infinite Microsoft product image of a black, elite Xbox controller.
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Image Credit: Microsoft
Brand: Microsoft | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

We've previously featured the Xbox Elite Series 2 in our list of the best controllers for Battlefield 2042 because, we feel, it incorporates some of the most advanced technology around for improving your FPS gameplay.


Therefore, it may come as no surprise we think it's a strong contender to consider if you're looking to play Halo on the next-gen console.

One feature we particularly like about the Elite Series 2 is that it comes with adjustable back bumpers, designed to minimise the distance needed to fire your weapon which, in turn, should improve your reaction times.

Moreover, it comes with a set of six replaceable thumbsticks, and a handy tool to adjust their stiffness to help enhance your accuracy and precision to give you a competitive edge on the battlefield.

Best PC Controller For Halo Infinite - Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro

Best controller for Halo Infinite Thrustmaster product image of a black controller with swappable buttons and joysticks.
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Image Credit: Thrustmaster
Brand: Thrustmaster | Connectivity: USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

If you're looking for something extremely versatile and customisable to play Halo on PC, then this Thrustmaster eSwap X Pro might be the controller for you.


Firstly, the eSwap X Pro's wired approach is designed to provide zero-latency which should give you a split-second advantage in a gunfight.

Also, as its name suggests, the eSwap X Pro's defining feature is its T-MOD and Hot Swap technology, designed to give you full control over your controller's layout, so you can adjust it to suit your preference.

It's also worth noting that the eSwap X Pro also comes with trigger locks, which is another reason why we feel it is a good option to consider.

Best Premium Controller For Halo Infinite - SCUF Instinct Pro

Best controller for Halo Infinite SCUF product image of a grey Xbox controller with orange details around the joysticks.
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Image Credit: SCUF
Brand: Scuf | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

If you take Halo seriously, then it may be worth investing in a top-of-the-range controller like this SCUF Instinct Pro.


SCUF boasts the Instinct Pro's Instant Triggers eliminate the trigger pull, allowing you to switch to a mouse-click action for when you need an ultra-fast shot.

Moreover, it comes with four remappable rear buttons that can be assigned to some of your most-used functions like meleeing or jumping to help give you the upper hand against your opponents.

The Instinct Pro also features an onboard Profile Switch where you to save up to three paddle remapping configurations which you can access at a touch of a button, thus helping to speed up your gameplay.

Best Controller For Halo Infinite On A Budget - Turtle Beach Recon

Best controller for Halo Infinite Turtle Beach product image of a black Xbox controller with textile grips.
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Image Credit: Turtle Beach
Brand: Turtle Beach | Connectivity: USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

The Turtle Beach Recon is a relatively inexpensive option to consider that doesn't sacrifice in terms of advantageous features for FPS gaming.


For example, it comes with Pro-Aim technology, which is designed to enhance long-range accuracy as you're able to tune your thumbsticks sensitivities to suit your needs.

Furthermore, Turtle Beach recognises the importance of audio in FPS games, so it incorporates features such as EQ presets, game chat volume mix, and a Superhuman Hearing setting which should allow you to hear the footsteps of your enemies in exceptional quality.

Overall, we feel the Turtle Beach Recon is a great option to consider if you're looking for a slightly cheaper controller to play Halo.

Frequently Asked Questions About Controllers For Halo Infinite?

When it comes to finding the right controller for FPS games like Halo, there are usually a few questions that pop up, but we’re here to answer some of the more common queries.

What Controller Settings Should You Use For Halo Infinite?

The answer to this question will ultimately come down to personal preference, but there are a few settings you could change to potentially give you a competitive advantage over the average Halo Infinite player.


For example, adjusting your look sensitivities to be as high as possible, whilst still remaining comfortable, might help you turn to face your opposition faster, thus increasing the likelihood of winning your gunfights.

Also, you may find upping the max input threshold on your look stick to be beneficial as this can give you more control through a greater range of movement.

Finally, like with the majority of FPS games, you might want to swap the crouch and melee buttons around to make it easier melee, and to prevent the need to take your thumb off the joystick to duck down.

How Much Should You Spend On A Controller For Halo Infinite?

This will differ depending on your budget, but, as shown with the Turtle Beach Recon, you don't have to spend loads to pick up a more competitive FPS controller.

With that being said, if you go for a more expensive device, like the Xbox Elite Series 2, then it will typically come with a few extra features which should take your gameplay to the next level, for example, replaceable joysticks and more remappable buttons.

Is Halo Infinite Cross-Platform?


Yes, Halo Infinite features crossplay, so you're able to play and team up online with anyone, regardless of their platform.

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It is also worth noting that if you're looking to switch between PC and console, Halo Infinite has full cross-progression support as well. This means any progress you make on one platform will transfer seamlessly across to the other.

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