Best controller for Fortnite: Top picks for PS4, PS5, Xbox, and PC

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With Chapter 4's arrival and Winterfest on its way, it's time to figure out what the best controller for Fortnite is to ensure you are ready to pick up Victory Royale's on the latest update.

We've compiled a list of our top picks based on their price, reviews, and unique features that make these particular controllers stand out from the crowd to take your Fortnite abilities to the next level.


What features should you be looking for exactly? Well, we'd recommend something with additional buttons plus adjustable triggers and joysticks for complete customisation over your gamepad setup.

That said, there is some debate over whether a keyboard or mouse is best for Fortnite, but we appreciate that the majority of players still prefer the familiarity of a gamepad, and our standout picks shouldn't disappoint on that front.

Whether you're searching for something built for PlayStation, like this HexGaming Rival, or something suitable for Xbox gameplay, like this Razer Wolverine V2, then we've got you covered right here.

Stick around as well because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to finding the perfect gamepad for Fortnite. Before that though, let's get into our list...

Best controller for Fortnite


Best PS4 controller for Fortnite - Nacon Revolution Unlimited Pro

Best controller for Fortnite Nacon product image of a pro PS4 controller.
Brand: Nacon | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PC, PS4

We've previously featured the Nacon Revolution as one of the best controllers for Warzone, and, while not an FPS game, we still feel like this device would make for a great pick for Fortnite.

What we like about this device, in particular, is that it comes with 4 remappable shortcut buttons on the handles, so you can assign them to some of your most-used in-game controls for quicker and easier access.

Moreover, this controller utilises Bluetooth connectivity so you can lay back and relax while picking up wins on Fortnite.


It's also worth noting that it comes with a built-in mic to communicate with your teammates during a session, and is yet another reason why we've included it on our list.

Best PS5 controller for Fortnite - HexGaming Rival

Best controller for Fortnite HexGaming product image of a custom PS5 controller with an oil spill design.
Brand: HexGaming | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PC, PS5

If you own a next-gen console like the PS4, then we feel this HexGaming Rival controller could take your Fortnite gameplay to new heights.

HexGaming is a controller modding company that takes genuine PS5 controllers and adapts them to suit competitive gaming.


For the Rival, HexGaming includes 3 interchangeable thumbsticks which you can swap out depending on your preference and what you feel gives you the most precision when aiming.

This gamepad also features 2 additional buttons on the back of the controller which you can configure to your most regularly used actions like reloading or jumping to avoid enemy contact.

Best Xbox controller for Fortnite - Razer Wolverine V2

Best controllers for Fortnite Razer product image of an Xbox licensed black pro controller.
Brand: Razer | Connectivity: USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

Razer is one of the top manufacturers of gaming accessories around, and its Wolverine V2 looks to be a real show stopping device that should be more than suitable for Fortnite.


It comes with mecha-tactile action buttons and D-pad which, Razer boasts, is hyper-responsive to help you outmanoeuvre your opponent during a gunfight.

Furthermore, it features remappable front-facing buttons which can be assigned to building actions, for example, so you can quickly build a 1x1 tower to escape an attack.

On the whole, this Razer gamepad ticks a lot of boxes for Fortnite which is why we feel it's worth considering if you play on Xbox.

Best PC controller for Fortnite - Xbox Elite Series 2

Best controllers for Fortnite Microsoft product image of an Xbox licensed black pro controller.
Brand: Microsoft | Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

The Xbox Elite Series 2 is another we've featured before in our list of the best controllers for Call of Duty Vanguard, however, it may seem strange we're suggesting it to be a top PC option for Fortnite.

Well, as Microsoft manufacture both Xbox and Windows, Xbox controllers typically offer you a plug-in-and-play experience so you can dive straight into the Fortnite action with this gamepad.

Also, it features a set of 6 replaceable and adjustable thumbsticks which you can alter to increase your precision, and trigger-stops on the back bumpers which should reduce the distance needed to fire, thus minimising your reaction times.

Ultimately, this Xbox Elite Series 2 looks to be not only one of the best controllers for Fortnite, but is arguably one of the top devices for gaming in general.

Best budget controller for Fortnite - Turtle Beach Recon

Best controllers for Fortnite Turtle Beach product image of a black Xbox-style gamepad.
Turtle Beach
Brand: Turtle Beach | Connectivity: USB | Compatibility: PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X

There's a lot to like about this Turtle Beach Recon gamepad, most notably its relatively inexpensive price.


That's not to say this controller won't deliver when it matters though, for example, it comes with Pro-Aim technology, designed to enhance long-range accuracy as you're able to tune your thumbsticks sensitivities to what feels most comfortable whilst aiming.

Moreover, Turtle Beach recognises the importance of audio in games like Fortnite, so include features such as EQ pre-sets, game chat volume mix, and a Superhuman Hearing setting which should allow you to hear the footsteps of your enemies clearly.

On the whole, we feel it's hard to look past this Turtle Beach device if you're after a slightly cheaper controller for Fortnite.

Frequently asked questions about controllers for Fortnite

When it comes to finding the right controller for gaming, there are usually a few questions that pop up, but we’re here to answer some of the more common queries.

What controller setting should you use for Fortnite?

Most settings will come down to personal preference, however, we feel there are a few you can change or work towards to improve your Fortnite skills.


For example, working your way up the look sensitivities can be beneficial in helping you win more gunfights are you're able to turn and face your opposition much quicker.

Also, in building game modes, upping the build sensitives can help you escape danger quicker as well. Couple this with turning Turbo Mode on and you'll be able to build huge structures in no time.

How much should you spend on a controller for Fortnite?

This will vary depending on your budget, but you don't necessarily have to break the bank to get a handy device to take your Fortnite skills to the next level.

Budget options like the Turtle Beach Recon still include useful additions like additional buttons and its very own Pro-Aim technology to lend you a helping hand.

If you do decide to spend a little extra though, you may find you get a few more remappable buttons and perhaps adjustable joysticks which you can alter to suit your preference.

Do all controllers work with Fortnite on PC?

Xbox controllers should be immediately compatible with Windows PCs as Microsoft manufacture both, however, you may require some extra software if you want to plug in and play Fortnite with a PlayStation device.

You can connect a PS5 controller through Steam though by going to Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller Settings and selecting PlayStation configuration when you plug in your device.

The only issue here is you'll have to then launch Fortnite through Steam rather than Epic Games by adding it as a title through Steam's Add Game function.

Should you clean your controller?

Cleaning your controller is important to make sure it stays working correctly over the course of its life.

We'd recommend wiping down your gamepad from time to time to remove any dirt and debris which can build up whilst gaming.


Using a toothbrush or cotton bud can also be an effective way of targeting any of the harder-to-reach areas like between the buttons and joysticks.

If too much dirt builds up around the buttons, you may find they stick or start to become unresponsive which, in turn, will detriment your Fortnite performance.

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