Best baseball cleats 2022: Top shoes for batting, pitching, and fielding

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Finding the best baseball cleats can be tricky at times given the wide variety of materials, collar heights, and cleat types to choose from.

Metal cleats, for instance, are great for traction, but are sometimes prohibited in certain leagues, especially at junior and youth levels, due to the added risk they bring to you and your opposition.

Fortunately, we've rounded up a selection of standout, yet varied, cleats that should complement your best baseball bat and take your game to the next level.


Using their price, reviews, and features to inform our selection, we've put together a list of top picks to cover all bases.

Whether you're after a pair designed for support, like these Nike Force Zoom Trout 7s, or you're searching for cleats designed for pitching specifically, like these Mizuno 9-Spike Ambition 2s, we've got everything you need right here.

We've also answered some of the most commonly asked questions surrounding cleats to help you come to an informed decision on which are best for you. So, without further delay, let's dive in...

Best Baseball Cleats


Best baseball cleats - Under Armour Harper 6 Low ST

Best baseball cleats Under Armour product image of a pair of white and gold metal cleats.
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Credit: Under Armour
Brand: Under Armour | Material: Mesh | Cleats: Metal

Under Armour is one of the leading sportswear brands in baseball and the Harper 6s look to be an excellent example of the manufacturer's expertise.


They come with 3-3-4 lightweight hybrid cleat plates with front Under Armour Microtips metal spikes for the best speed and traction possible on the field or for when you step up to the plate.

However, their standout feature is perhaps the new Ortholite sock liners which are designed to maintain compression sets for long-lasting comfort.

It's also worth pointing out that the Harper 6s are made from breathable mesh material with additional TPU shields for added durability, thus making them a great option to consider to give you the edge.

Best baseball cleats for wide feet - New Balance FuelCell 4040 v6

Best baseball cleats New Balance product image of a single black and white cleat.
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Credit: New Balance
Brand: New Balance | Material: Fit Weave | Cleats: Metal

For wide feet though, we feel it's hard to look past New Balance FuelCell 4040 v6s as they come in both standard and wide fit, something we've mentioned before in our comparison of Nike and New Balance sizing.


The upsides don't end there though as these cleats also feature New Balance's FuelCell technology in the midsoles which should deliver a propulsive feeling to help drive you forward on the pitch.

The cleats also come with Fit Weave technology in the uppers to give them long-lasting, targeted stretching and plus added support, both of which are ideal for wider feet.

All in all, the FuelCell 4040 v6s look to be a standout pair of cleats that we feel are definitely worth taking a look at.

Best baseball cleats for artificial turf - Nike Force Zoom Trout 5 Turf

Best baseball cleats Nike product image of a pair of white and red cleats.
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Credit: Nike
Brand: Nike | Material: Synthetic | Cleats: None

If you play most of your baseball on artificial turf, then these Nike Force Zoom Trout 5s could be the shoes for you.


They feature molded synthetic uppers designed to give you stability in key areas, plus Zoom Air cushioning units in the midsoles to maxmisie comfort whilst batting, pitching, and fielding.

Ultimately, we feel you won't find many better shoes for artificial turf than these standout Force Zoom Trout 5s.

Best baseball cleats for speed - adidas Adizero Afterburner 8

Best baseball cleats adidas product image of a white and gold cleat.
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Credit: adidas
Brand: adidas | Material: Sprintskin | Cleats: Metal

These Adizero Afterburner 8s look to be particularly great cleats for sprinting to the base or for chasing a catch in your best baseball glove thanks to their lightweight design.


adidas boasts that its Sprintskin uppers are incredibly supportive and lightweight. Team this with the Lightstrike midsoles and you should feel incredibly cushioned as the cleats relieve pressure to keep you flying around the pitch.

It's also worth noting that 20% of pieces used to make the uppers are made with a minimum of 50% recycled content, thus making them a more sustainable choice if you're looking to upgrade your baseball cleat game.

On the whole, their impressive lightweight and sustainable construction earn the Afterburner 8s a spot on our list.

Best budget baseball cleats - Nike Vapor Ultrafly 4 Keystone

Best baseball cleats Nike product image of a white pair of cleats with silver details.
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Credit: Nike
Brand: Nike | Material: Synthetic Leather | Cleats: Rubber

Nike's Vapor Ultrafly 4 Keystones look to be some of the best baseball cleats around on a budget.


Although a little cheaper, the cleats still come packed with technology like Nike's Fastflex sole units with 12 rubber cleats designed to provide powerful traction across the pitch.

The uppers are then made from perforated synthetic leather upper for added breathable, along with the mesh tongues, plus durable support.

Ultimately, if you're working with a limited budget, then we feel these Ultrafly 4s could be your answer.

Best baseball cleats for pitchers - Mizuno 9-Spike Ambition 2

Best baseball cleats Mizuno product image of a pair of black spiked cleats with white details.
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Credit: Mizuno
Brand: Mizuno | Material: Mizuno Wave | Cleats: Metal

While cleats are needed for every position on the field, these 9-Spike Ambition 2s have been designed with pitchers in mind.


They feature Mizuno's Wave Structure technology which is said to relieve the shock sent to your ankles, as well as the pressure felt when planting your foot.

This should help you maintain a stable base when you're getting ready to strike out your opposition.

You also get supportive and durable EVA midsoles as well as nine strategically places spikes positioned to maximise movement and traction, thus making them a great all-round pick for pitchers.

Best baseball cleats for support - Nike Force Zoom Trout 7

Best baseball cleats Nike product image of a pair of white and gold cleats.
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Credit: Nike
Brand: Nike | Material: Mesh | Cleats: Metal

These Zoom Trout 7s come packed with technology designed to keep you comfortable and supported on the field.


For instance, they come with an Air Zoom cushioning system that's designed to give a springy response with pillow-like comfort.

Nike takes this a step further with the heel Air pods which have been engineered to give two stages of cushioning thanks to a larger chamber alongside what should be a highly responsive inner chamber for a springy bounce.

The cleats also arrive with a ghost lacing system and midfoot straps for a secure lock-in that should also deliver a ton of ankle support, thus making these supportive cleats well worth considering in our eyes.

However, keep an eye out for the Trout 8s revealed by Mike Trout himself via Instagram over the coming months which might just upgrade on the 7s in a number of crucial areas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Baseball Cleats

With so many cleats available, you may have a few questions about what makes each of them stand out.

Don't worry though because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.


Are metal or rubber cleats better for baseball?

Both types have their own distinct advantages when it comes to playing baseball.

For instance, metal cleats usually provide better traction over moulded cleats as they tend to dig deeper into the ground.

However, metal cleats also wear down much faster than rubber cleats if you wear them on harder surfaces.

It's also worth noting that metal cleats can sometimes be prohibited in baseball leagues, especially at the youth levels, as they can be harmful to both yourself and other players on the field.

As a result, it's worth checking the regulations of the league you play in before deciding on which of the two types you should buy.

Can you wear football cleats for baseball?


While it is possible to wear football cleats for baseball, it's widely advised not to as they differ slightly in their designs and purpose.

For example, baseball is all about forward motion and acceleration, therefore, the cleats typically come with front spikes for extra grip off the toe.

It's also recommended that you should always wear baseball cleats if you play in the infield to help you maximise your grip.

How do you clean baseball cleats?

It's important to keep your cleats clean in between games to ensure they're ready for your next fixture.

We'd therefore recommend regularly cleaning your cleats, particularly the sole plates, to remove any built-up mud and dirt which may impact your grip.

A soft-bristled brush and warm water are usually the easiest ways to remove the dirt from the uppers. When targeting some of the harder-to-reach areas, a toothbrush usually works well.


To remove mud from the soles, simply bang your cleats together, then brush away any remaining dirt.

For more information, check out our guide to cleaning baseball cleats right here.

How do you lace baseball cleats?

Much like lacing soccer boots, one of the most common techniques used to lace football cleats is to cross them over the tongues of your boots.

Using your shoelace, create a straight bar between the first row of eyelets, then thread the two ends through the next eyelets up on opposite sides. Repeat this second step until you reach the top.

You can then either tuck the two ends of your shoelace into your cleats, or tie them in a knot over the front depending on your preference.

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