Rainbow Six Siege: Full Crossplay & Cross Progression Release Date

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Rainbow Six Siege is a game best played with friends. But, what do you do if you own an Xbox and your friend plays on a Playstation?

As of right now? There's not much that can be done. The game as it stands has crossplay, sure, but only to a certain extent. However, this feature is soon to expand as the game will get full crossplay across every platform.

So, let's take a look at when this will be happening and what it means for the game.

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Does Rainbow Six Siege have crossplay?

Rainbow Six Siege
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At the moment, Rainbow Six Siege kinda has crossplay. Families of consoles such as Playstation, Xbox, or PC have cross-play. You can matchmake with others on the same platform family as you or move progress from a PS4 to a PS5. But, this means that someone with a PS5 and an XBOX Series S could not play together.

When will full crossplay release?

Ubisoft is looking to change that later this year. Originally the crossplay concept was going to happen in early 2022. However, as we are in the middle of August and haven't yet seen it, this has been pushed back.

The end of 2022 is looking like a likely date for the release of full crossplay. Around Y7S4 which releases in December of 2022.

Ubisoft has also announced that this will bring cross-progression too. That's two for the price of one!

Will R6S mobile have cross-play or progression?

R6S mobile was announced in April 2022. Given how different mobile is from PC or consoles, it's unlikely that cross-play or progression will make its way into our mobiles.

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