Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3: New Map & Balancing Changes

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for the newest season of Rainbow Six Siege. The new teaser trailer has given fans some insight into what to expect from the new season.

However, the season which may be titled Operation Brutal Swarm is still shrouded in mystery. There hasn't been much official information from Ubisoft about the latest season. Additionally, a new Ubisoft reveals panel should give us some concrete insight into what to expect from the newest season. This takes place on August 21.

So, here are the leaks and details about the balancing changes and the new map.

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New map

Rainbow Six Siege Y7S3 was supposed to be getting a new map added to the game. However, this has been pushed back to the next season, Y7S4.

Rainbow Six Siege map
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Don't feel too glum though. The mid-season roadmap stated that players will still see a new-ish map in the game... new-ish being the keyword. The map has already been seen and played on before but only temporarily as it was part of an event. Now, this map can be played in the competitive pool!

Balancing changes

The developers at Ubisoft also mentioned some new balancing coming to the game. As every player is, the team know about the imbalance of LMGs and Finka's. They are tweaking both of these so that they are better suited for the current meta.

Additionally, the Rainbow Six Siege team have added impact EMP grenades to some Operator's loadouts. Pairing this with the recent teaser trailer, explosives could be a part of the new Operators kit. Things are about to get a little more explosive.

So far, the details of the balance changes and map are quite small. However, there is a Ubisoft full reveal coming on August 21. Hopefully, more information will come out there

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