Rainbow Six Siege is getting a Border Rework in Y6S1

Rainbow Six Siege is introducing a Border Rework in Y6S1, Operation Crimson Heist, and here's everything you need to know about it.

On top of the new Operator, additional secondary, and upcoming features... Ubisoft is reworking another existing map going into the first season of Year Six.

Below is everything you need to know about the Border Rework that's on the way.

Border Rework Details

Located in the Middle East, Border was introduced way back in Operation Dust Line, the second season of Rainbow Six Siege. So, it's long overdue for a face-lift.

Rainbow Six Siege Border Rework Operation Crimson Heist
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BORDER - Are you looking forward to the Border Rework coming to Siege in Y6S1?

The Border Rework features a few key changes to its layout, which will hopefully freshen up any gameplay, in addition to a series of Quality of Life fixes.

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Sightlines will be streamlined, the Bathroom-Tellers bombsite is being redesigned, and flanking routes are being opened up in the Break Room area of the map.

On top of all this, a new staircase is being added outside of Archives in an effort to encourage exploration and straying from the otherwise popular routes of entry.

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Operation Crimson Heist

On top of this, Operation Crimson Heist is bringing a new Attacker Operator to the ever-growing roster.

Flores will be equipped with four explosive drones, have a choice between the AR33 and SR-25, and take the GSH-18 into the fray as his secondary weapon.

The Gonne-6, being described as a miniature version of Zofia's impact grenade launcher, is being added as a Secondary Weapon for select Operators.

In addition to this, Match Replays are entering Beta in the Test Servers and a Streamer Mode is coming in an effort to prevent Stream Sniping.

Operation Crimson Heist, and the Border Rework coming to Siege, will be available on March 18th, 2021, provided there are no more delays.

For more information, check out the Y6S1 Pre-Season Designer's Notes from Ubisoft ahead of Operation Crimson Heist.

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