Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1: Everything We Know

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Recently, Ubisoft unveiled a new batch of details regarding Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1: Operation Crimson Heist.

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Below, we've got a brief overview of everything on the way as Siege enters it's sixth, exciting year.

Start Date


This is the information we're all waiting for.

Typically, Operation Crimson Heist would have launched alongside the Six Invitational tournament. However, with this postponed, Ubisoft has delayed the update and it will be set to arrive next month.

As long as everything goes to plan, the update should go live on March 18th, 2021. Some features are already available on the TTS now, though, in the build-up to the Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1.

New Operator

As seen previously, Flores is the newest Operator coming to Siege's exciting roster.

He's an Argentinian two armour, and two-speed Attacker with an Explosive Drone as his "ability".

The RCE-Ratero can't reverse or be deployed on a rappel rope but has a fairly substantial 13-second fuse before exploding. This three-second countdown can be triggered early if needed.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 Operation Crimson Heist Flores Face Reveal
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FLORES - Rainbow Six Siege's newest Operator has finally been revealed

Flores comes equipped with four of these bad boys and when the countdown is triggered, they're bulletproof! It almost seems a little too broken going into the next season of Siege as drones aren't always the easiest things to hit.


Flores will come equipped with two regular drones, either the AR33 and SR-25 and the GSH-18 as a secondary.

With Ash and Kali at each other's throats, who will the newest Operator side with...?

New Secondary

Ubisoft is adding a new secondary to the Rainbow Six Siege armoury; the Gonne-6.

Reportedly, this will function similarly to Zofia's impact grenade launcher. It will have one shot and replaces the pistol slot on several existing Operators.

It will deal soft destruction damage to the environment, so nothing too outrageous, but it can blow up bulletproof gadgets.

This is Ubisoft's response to the disliked "20-second meta" and could be a useful tool in countering Flores' new bulletproof drones.


Map Rework

Much like the last several seasons, Ubisoft is reworking an existing Rainbow Six Siege map for Y6S1 rather than adding a new one.

This is a bit of a shame for fans of the title who were hoping for more locations, but it does help to keep the existing locations fresh and change-up how each map is played.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S1 Operation Crimson Heist Border Map
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REWORKED - Do you think Border was the next map that needed a rework?

This season, Border is getting reworked and a substantial Quality Of Life update.

The rework includes:

  • Streamlined sightlines
  • Redesigned Bathroom & Tellers bombsite
  • Additional staircases near Archives
  • Flanking routes added to Break Room

This isn't it though, so be sure to check out Operation Crimson Heist for the full, new, Border experience.

Additional Features

The first new feature coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Crimson Heist is the Match Replay Beta.

Everyone who needs to will be able to analyse their gameplay like never before with an in-built replay system hitting test servers for Crimson Heist.

This will undoubtedly help with any actions Ubisoft take against cheaters too, as it should give a clearer idea about player movements and actions.

Secondly, Streamer Mode is coming to Rainbow Six Siege at last. This mode will hide key information from a stream in an effort to combat "Stream Sniping".


Original Article

It is hard to believe that Rainbow Six Siege is entering its sixth year, time really does fly.

Here is everything you need to know ahead of the official reveal.

Reveal Event

The reveal event for Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 1 is due to take place on Sunday, February 21st at 12:00pm EST / 5:00pm GMT on the official Rainbow Six Twitch channel.

Release Date

No release date has been given for Year 6 Season 1 yet, but we expect it to be announced during the reveal event.


Check out the official reveal trailer for the Operation Crimson Heist.


New Operators

Year 6 Season 1 will see the addition of a brand new operator called Flores.


Not much is known about Flores yet except we know he will be the attacker and will be free for Season Pass owners or purchasable from the store.


New Gadgets

The new gadget for Y6S1 is the RCE-Raetro.

According to Benjamin Strike you can "click the primary gadget button to deploy an explosive drone, you can control it like any other drone. You can click the gadget button again to start a 5-second timer after which it will detonate. The explosion is like a C4."

New Weapons

According to Benjamin Strike, a new "secondary weapon shooting explosive bullets coming to a couple of existing attack operators in year 6."

Map Changes

Each season sees the maps get reworked and changed to keep things fresh and improve balancing.

This time around it looks like Bank will be getting reworked, which was teased all the way back in January 2020.

Rainbow Six Siege Bank
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