How to Find and Interact with Points of Interest in Rainbow Six Extraction

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It can be hard to implement a decent story, lore and background into a game like Rainbow Six Extraction but Ubisoft have managed it wonderfully. Between the beautiful cutscenes which provide plenty of exposition to the interactive points of interest that you can discover across the game world.

When it comes to these points of interest, we've put together a handy little guide to help you identify and activate them whether you're hunting for story content or for trophies/gamerscore!


How to Find and Interact with Points of Interest in Rainbow Six Extraction

Finding points of interest can be a little tricky in Rainbow Six Extraction but many of them are in easy to find spots. As you make your way around each stage of an incursion, you need to keep an eye out for a small magnifying glass on the screen.

rainbow six extraction points of interest

This icon signifies that you are near one of the many points of interest in-game. To trigger it, you just need to approach and interact with the scene using Square on PlayStation or X on Xbox. You'll know it has worked when you receive a voice clip from a character within the game explaining what exactly you have stumbled across.

interacting with points of interest
Interacting will bring up another character to offer some back story

There are two trophies/achievements attached to points of interest in Rainbow Six Extraction. For the first, Fieldwork, you need to interact with five different points of interest in each region.

For the second, Encyclopedia, you need to interact with 100 total points of interest. They're both fairly easy and fun to complete as you'll learn more about the game world as you complete them!

If you're looking for any more guides relating to Rainbow Six Extraction, keep your eyes on our dedicated Rainbow Six page. We'll help make sure you and your operators make it through the tougher incursions and aren't left MIA!