V10 R League Recap - BMW take control of Group B

Two weeks down, and just three weeks of group action left until the V10 R-League playoffs begin!

Every point is crucial for teams as they jockey for position, but some have got off to a much faster start than others this season.

Let's take a look at all the action from the second week of action!

Group A: Redline & Aston Martin in two-horse race?

Before the season, champions Redline singled out Red Bull Racing as their biggest rivals for this year. As fate would have it, Red Bull's first match of the new season would come against Redline, who had a Week 1 win over YAS Heat to get warmed up.

That extra week of action seemed to make the difference as Redline put on a commanding show on Tuesday. With pace that Red Bull simply couldn't match, Redline ran away to a 4-0 victory and left the Bulls in disarray.

Speaking to RacingGames.GG, Redline's Jeffrey Rietveld said: “We didn’t expect Red Bull to be off the pace the way they were. Before we went into the race [...] I do think that Red Bull will do a lot better in the season and show a lot more pace than they did against us. I think maybe starting the season against the defending champions was the reason for their slow start; it put a lot of pressure on them.”

Pressure or not, Red Bull will be ruing a missed opportunity to stake their claim to the Season 2 crown. The Bulls are now a massive seven points off the top of Group A, albeit with a match in hand.

RED ON RED: The champs were unbeatable as Red Bull fell 4-0
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RED ON RED: The champs were unbeatable as Red Bull fell 4-0

The other match in Group A saw the feisty YAS Heat team taking on Aston Martin. The green machines had run rampant over R8G Esports in Week 1, while YAS took a point off Redline in a competitive showing.

The match was pretty even throughout, with the teams splitting the Mugello leg before arriving in Monza. YAS took the relay race, but it was Lucas Blakeley who was the difference-maker for Aston Martin.

The young Scot took a win in the team race at Mugello and then pressured Simon Weigang into a mistake on the final lap in Monza to give Aston Martin a 3-1 win.

Group B: BMW seize control as McLaren Shadow debuts

Over in Group B, there was a titanic clash between Williams and BMW to start the week. Both had a strong first week and had their eyes on qualifying directly for the semi-final.

It was a back-and-forth battle, but in the end it was BMW, and especially Kevin Siggy, that powered to victory.

BMW's star man had unrivaled pace that Williams just couldn't match. BMW's star man claimed victory in both team races, leaving Williams trailing in his wake.

GETTING SIGGY WITH IT: BMW's star driver was in amazing form this week
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GETTING SIGGY WITH IT: BMW's star driver was in amazing form this week

With a 3-1 win, BMW took a strong lead atop Group B and dealt last year's runners-up a blow.

The other match in Group B saw McLaren Shadow make its debut in the V10 R-League against Fordzilla.

McLaren and their ace James Baldwin were in strong form despite their inexperience, but a few rookie errors crept in during the relay races.

In the first one it was a speeding in the pitlane penalty from Baldwin that handed the race to Fordzilla. The second relay race saw McLaren and Fordzilla come to blows in Spa.

Trying to go side-by-side through Eau Rouge, Elvin Smith lost control and understeered into the side of Shaun Arnold's Fordzilla car. The spin ended with Smith pointing the right way, and able to take a big lead, but the stewards handed down an even bigger penalty, giving Fordzilla another point.

While McLaren was strong in the team races, the 2-2 draw could have been a perfect start for them.

Week 3 fixtures

Williams Esports vs McLaren Shadow - Monday, 26 April (BT Sport 2, 8pm BST & ESPN3, 6pm EST)

R8G Esports vs YAS Heat - Tuesday, 27 April (BT Sport website, 4pm BST & ESPN3, 6pm EST)

Aston Martin vs Red Bull Racing - Wednesday, 28 April (BT Sport website, 4pm BST & ESPN3, 6pm EST)

JAESA Suzuki vs BMW - Thursday, 29 April (BT Sport website, 4pm BST & ESPN3, 6pm EST)

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