Need For Speed Heat Review Round-Up: A mixed bag for Palm City's racing dreams

Need For Speed is an iconic game title. It stood tall in the mid-2000s as the best racing experience on console, but since then the competition has increased and NFS has faded.

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The grand old franchise has suffered a lot of setbacks recently, with the 2017 Payback getting universally panned.

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We have heard a lot in the build-up to Heat this year about how EA and Ghost Games are injecting fun back into the franchise and putting a focus on the user.

Now that the game is available to everyone on Xbox, PS4, and PC, just what do the gaming community make of Need For Speed Heat?

IGN - 8/10

"this open-world street racer has some surprising pep to it.

"Heat’s cop chases aren’t restricted to pre-set time trial routes like they were in Payback; you now have the freedom to escape in any direction. They are a fair bit tougher, though; certainly until you can secure the best upgrades." - Luke Reilly [Full review]

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Gamesradar+ - 3.5/5

"This game still feels like a modestly tuned engine starting from cold instead of a snarling beast revving at the limiter.

unless you really love modding cars, there’s nothing here that’s ever more than mildly entertaining. It’s not a disaster by any means, and it does feel slightly more enjoyable after the first 15 hours (yikes), but the Heat level is somewhere just above lukewarm in this one." - Justin Towell [Full review]

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US Gamer - 6/10

"I do have some big issues with the AI in Need for Speed Heat's structured races. It rarely feels like you're in the pole position with a wide variety of drivers.

"You'll find that either one AI driver is ahead of you, taking corners at top speed with no issue and no way for you to catch up, or they're right behind you, waiting for you to screw up. Which AI driver that is changes from race to race, but you'll always be able to go, "Oh, this is the one I have to worry about." " - Mike Williams [Full review]

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Hardcore Gamer - 4/5

"The adrenaline-inducing, high stakes nightlife of Need for Speed Heat is an exciting idea that pushes the franchise forward after years of stagnation.

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"The packed, vibrant world of Palm City and solid driving mechanics go a long way towards helping as well, but the poorly-balanced AI opponents, middling story and barebones online integration hold Heat back from standing among the best in the series." - Sam Spyrison [Full review]

Tech Advisor - 3/5

"I'm entirely sold on the aesthetic and mechanical choices that Need For Speed Heat makes, but it's hard to pinpoint why the game doesn't come together: there's something decidedly wonky about the way that the cars handle that turned me off.

"Most of the trackside debris will do little more than slow you down, meaning you can career through walls, signage and even trees with little more fanfare than dropping a couple of miles an hour off the speedometer." - Jake Tucker [Full review]

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