Give Me Strength Moments: Track limits that leave you in a rage (Sponsored)

We all love sweating out a few extra tenths around a track. But there’s nothing that quite makes you yell “Give Me Strength” like putting one wheel wide and losing time or even invalidating your whole lap.

Track limits are a crucial part of racing, but they can certainly be rage-inducing. Trebor and their Extra Strong mints are here to give racing fans the straight-talking confidence to come together in their collective frustration and keep things real in the racing world.

Our racing experts share their Give Me Strength moments when it comes to track limits, from seeing red at the Red Bull Ring to being left lost for words in Mute City. The smallest mistake or drift wide can cost you dearly racing and leave you needing the confidence to call out nonsense, confidence that only comes from the minty freshness of Trebor mints.

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Seeing red at the Red Bull Ring

The Red Bull Ring features on nearly every racing game. While a fairly simple layout, the Austrian track has plenty of long straights connected by corners that ask you to test the track limits.

The worst track limits by far is found at turn 8, Rindt. This blind-entry right-hander can be taken at high speed, but putting a wheel too far out on exit will ruin your lap. But take it too slow and you’ll never get pole position.

Track Limits Austria
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The racing community also feels that the Red Bull Ring has them calling for strength.

Red Bull Ring limits community
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Parabolica nightmares

Monza is another favourite track across many racing games. The ultra-high speed circuit calls for nerves of steel on the brakes and patience in the corners.

The one that can really spoil your lap is the famous Parabolica. The final corner links the two longest straights, but it can seem to go on forever. However, track limits are rigorously enforced on the exit, and getting all four wheels over the line will not only undo your current lap, but negate your next one too!

Monza Track Limits
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Parabolica isn’t the only part of Monza that can have you asking for strength though, as you have pointed out!

Monza Track Limits Community
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Mute City left me speechless

What is it with final corners? Sure, Mario Kart 8 doesn’t have track limits that invalidate your lap, but going off will definitely slow you down!

One of the most enraging parts of the whole game is in Mute City. Coming off a jump you have the finish line in your sights, but an awkward S sits between you and the chequered flag. Get that section wrong and you can tumble down the standings, have a mushroom and it’s a straight line to victory. Talk about annoying!

Mario Kart Track Limits
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Mario Kart is probably the biggest “Give me strength” racing game out there, and you all agree!

Mario Kart Track Limits
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Let us know your Give Me Strength moments

Think we missed something? Does one particular track limits issue leave you wanting to keep it real and call out nonsense? Why not pop a Trebor Extra Strong mint and find the courage to speak the truth about your Give Me Strength moment!

Reply to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with your Give Me Strength track limits moment and you could win a brand new G923 steering wheel. Just be sure to include #GiveMeStrength in your post.

Look out for the next Give Me Strength moments episode, when we push a little too hard.

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