Give Me Strength Moments: It can only happen in sim racing (Sponsored)

We all love the end of the work day, as that means we can jump back on our sims. Whether it’s to crunch some lap times or prepare for a night of casual racing, being sat at the rig after a long day is one hell of a feeling.

However, there are some moments that make us wish we were back at work. No, really. Be it disconnecting on the final lap of a 2 hour iRacing session or being outrageously divebombed into turn one, there are plenty of moments that can only happen in sim racing.

Thanks to Trebor and their Extra Strong mints you can have the minty confidence to call out the nonsense and keep things real. The straight-talking confidence of Trebor is something we’ve all needed behind the virtual wheel at one point or another.

Let’s take a look at some moments which can only happen in sim racing.

You have lost connection to the session

This is hands down the most frustrating issue of racing from home. You could have the best internet in the world (or not), and you could still disconnect simply because the host of the session leaves, or the servers just die!

It won’t matter if you were 2 laps ahead of second and lapping faster than a prime time Ayrton Senna, that race is gone, and will be forever.

iRacing Server Disconnect
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Still, it’s good to know that these disconnects don’t only affect us!

Server Disconnect Community
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Turn 1 Divebombs

Hours of practice and carefully arranging the rest of your life to give you that perfect two-hour window has put you in position to crush your next race. You nail the start, heading straight for the first apex where you’re certain you’ll be able to pull out a second lead or two.

Then, in your mirror, you see VettelFan2013 performing a modern-day sim-racing “Leroy Jenkins” into turn one. And, like that, your race is gone. No restarts, no flashbacks, and no chance of catching up.

“That’s racing” some say, with Trebor’s minty confidence we can say that’s nonsense!

Divebomb Give Me Strength
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Thankfully, there will always be another race, but that’s not really the point, is it?

Divebomb Community
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It’s broken!

Sim racing games aren’t often known for their optimisation. Sometimes it feels like a NASA supercomputer would struggle to run Assetto Corsa on 4K. And it’s not just your PC or console that can struggle. Wheels and pedals go through a lot too.

From stamping on a pedal so hard you break it midrace to a wheel that suddenly becomes unresponsive. Everyone’s kit wears out, and unlike real racing there isn’t a garage full of spare parts to fall back on!

Pedal Break Sim Racing
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It’s not just us that has suffered from hardware issues mid-race!

Hardware Community
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Let us know your Give Me Strength moments

Think we missed something? Have you experienced something only a sim racer would understand and needed some minty strength? Why not pop a Trebor Extra Strong mint and find the straight-talking confidence to speak up about your Give Me Strength moment!

Reply to our posts on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with your Give Me Strength moments that can only happen in sim racing and you could win a brand new G923 steering wheel. Just be sure to include #GiveMeStrength in your post.

Look out for the next Give Me Strength moments episode, where a moment too long on the throttle is the order of the day.

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