DIRT 5 Update 1.04: Patch Notes, Xbox, PlayStation, PC

DIRT 5 released recently to rave reviews.

You can read our review here.

As with any game, patches have been coming out since its release to fix a few things. The lastest, update 1.04, is now out across all platforms. What does it do? Let's take a look at the patch notes.

DIRT 5 Update 1.04 Patch Notes

This update is just for console, with no notes specified for PC.

Codies have made multiple general performance improvements across the game. Reducing crashes, gameplay stuttering, and FPS drops.

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On Xbox they have resolved the issue that caused some player to lose controller vibration.

Specifically on PS4, they have fixed the issue from save data created before the previous patch, which was causing progress to disappear on restart and crashes when using the livery editor.

On PS5 they have made further refinements to the use of DualSense adaptive triggers.

On both Sony consoles, V-Sync has been added.

Across all consoles, fixes for signing out during a Gymkhana event have been made. Visual improvements on rain effects have been added, a display fix for reward has been made, and Photo Mode has seen some minor fixes.


Improvements for kicking players in lobby who do not ready up for an event have been made.

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General improvements to matchmaking and lobby searches have also been made.


One change to Trophies/Achievements has also been made.

The "Spare some change for gas?" Trophy/Achievement will now require players to race for 1,000 miles, instead of 10,000.

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