DIRT 5: Creativity at the heart of Codemasters latest title (Sponsored)

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When it comes to racing games, you can’t beat DIRT. Codemasters is stepping it up in a big way for this year’s DIRT 5, with creativity at the centre of its strides forward.

The upcoming game features several game modes and Playgrounds, where your creativity can really shine.

Design your Playground

One of DIRT 5’s biggest new features is Playgrounds, the mode where you can design your own arena. We’ve often wondered when a true track designer will hit the market and it appears that time has now come.

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SHOW OFF FOR THE CROWDS: Playgrounds puts you in the middle of everything

With it being DIRT, there’s far more than just the layout of the track to design. The trailer showed off the variety of ramps, obstacles, and hazards on offer to the player.

Once you’ve designed your Playground, you can upload it to the community for others to enjoy. Or you can dive into the creations of other players and try to beat their times! You can view and like your friends’ Playgrounds and find the most popular in the game.

Just like in a single player mode, there’s plenty of challenges to complete in Playgrounds. Gate Crasher is a time trial mode, while Smash Attack and Gymkhana are more skills-based. 

There are also plenty of multiplayer modes in Playgrounds.

King sees up to 12 players fight for one crown. Can you stay ahead of the pack and keep it? Vampire is an “infected” game mode that sees just one start as a vampire. They must turn everyone else before the sun comes up!

Then there is Transporter, a mode that requires the player to capture an object and take it to a specific location to score a point. Most points at the buzzer wins.

The possibilities are literally endless, this could be a game-changer!

Icebreaker and Sprint events

Playground isn’t the only new mode coming to DIRT 5 though, far from it. Drift specialists will love the new Icebreaker feature, where you can drift for miles along slippery ice tracks.

This is something straight out of Rally Sweden and is a true test of car control and bravery. Icebreaker also shows off the variety of environments that are available to players.

Locations across five continents are in DIRT 5’s roster, including the snowy forests of Norway and the searing heat of the Moroccan desert.

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DRIFTIN' AWAY: Show off your style in the ice

Sprint cars are yet another new feature for DIRT 5. These are exactly like the cars you can see racing short races on dirt tracks across America.

With massive tyres, a minimalist body and oversized wings, these are pure racers and extremely fun to pilot. The sprint cars are raced on far more than ovals and when you throw the muddy surface into the mix too, they’re a real handful.

Traction control is a term that doesn’t exist in sprint racing, the back end is constantly trying to break away and it’s glorious.

How to get DIRT 5

DIRT 5 will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 6 November. Players will also get a free upgrade to next-gen consoles, though discless next-gen consoles require a digital entitlement to upgrade.

With the next-gen upgrade players can enjoy amazing graphical fidelity, a 120fps option, and ultra-fast load times.

You can buy DIRT 5 here.

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