Destruction AllStars: Review, release date, trailer, gameplay, PS5 & more

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It's a new year, and new games are on their way! One of those is Destruction AllStars.

This adrenaline-fueled vehicle-combat game smashes onto the scene and looks like it could steal the gaming spotlight to start 2021.

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Release date

Originally planned with a November 2020 release in mind, like many games Destruction Allstars suffered some delays.

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Which character will you pick?
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WEAPON OF CHOICE: Which character will you pick?

However, it is now poised to release in February 2021.

Free on PS Plus

You don't need to drop £60 on this one. Destruction Allstars will be free for PS Plus members for TWO MONTHS.

You would be crazy not to pick up this title for free right away.


Announced back in June 2020, the initial trailer gives a good taste of the mayhem that awaits players.

With 16 Allstars to pick from, each with their own powers and abilities, it will be a good balance of car control and perfect timing of powers to win in the arena!


Destruction Allstars throws gamers into an arena to battle it out. Either solo or in a team, you can take on other players in a number of game modes. The basic premise is that you have a car and need to smash other drivers to pieces!

However, it's not all over when your car is wrecked, as your character has abilities that means they can continue the battle on foot.

There are plenty of game modes within Destruction Allstars, some are a simple deathmatch while others are more battle royale-style.


Much like Rocket League, it looks like Destruction Allstars will feature a lot of customisation options to make characters and cars unique to you.

LOOKING GOOD: Pick your own style to cause chaos in!
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LOOKING GOOD: Pick your own style to cause chaos in!

From emotes to skins, player badges, and potentially even full livery options, you should have plenty of scope to create a style all your own.

PS5 exclusive

If you haven't got a PS5 yet then you are out of luck.

Destruction Allstars will be exclusive to the next-gen Sony console, so you better keep an eye on @GfinityDeals so you know when sites have units in stock!

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