PUBG Mobile Season 16: Metro Royale Guide - Royale Pass, Update 1.1, Map, Game Mode & more

Metro Royale has landed as PUBG Mobile's newest game mode, introduce in Update 1.1.

It features a brand new post-apocalyptic map and a new style of gameplay.

Let's go over everything you need to know before you hop into a Metro Royale PUBG Mobile game.

Latest News - PUBG Mobile Season 16 is Live!

PUBG Mobile Season 16 has finally arrived, and with it comes tons of new content.

Plenty of this content is centers in the PUBG Mobile Season 16 Royale Pass - which features several goodies for Metro Royale.

Metro Royale Map

The PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Map is different than standard maps, and its rewards are also kept separate from the regular PUBG Mobile game.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Map
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UNDERGROUND: Metro Royale takes players below the surface

The map is an open post-apocalyptic wasteland based on underground Erangel, and has many areas where people can find loot to try and safely return.

Metro Royale Game Mode

The Metro Royale game mode is an entirely new twist on PUBG Mobile gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Metro Royale Game Mode
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SQUAD UP: You'll need allies you can trust in Metro Royale

Instead of simply killing all opponents to be the last survivors, Metro Royale is about stacking up value and finding items to safely return with.

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Players pick up loot by raiding supplies, interacting with NPCs, and killing enemy NPCs (Bandits and Monsters).

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Players must get to a return point to keep the items they've found before they're killed. Players can only keep rewards they place in a lockbox or escape with, and this inventory, while usable in future Metro Royale games, isn't usable in the standard Battle Royale mode.


The Metro Royale game mode comes with some new gear in PUBG Mobile from Update 1.1.

PUBG Mobile Spike Trap
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ROAD BLOCK: Spike Traps are now in PUBG Mobile to combat vehicles

This new gear includes spike traps, and thrown melee weapons. These thrown melee weapons will one-shot enemy players without a helmet. So while they're difficult to aim, they're a must have for players who get good with them!


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