PS5's Returnal Could Be Coming to Steam

The PC market has become a new battleground in the world of gaming as The consoles of PlayStation and Xbox make their moves to bring a collection of their very best titles to platforms like Steam. The latest of these? Well, that might just be Housemarque's Returnal.

Released in 2021 as a PS5 exclusive, Returnal is a roguelike that follows a lone astronaut stuck in a time-loop on a strange alien world. The title received a great level of acclaim upon its release but according to a brand new leak from Steam, PC gamers might be getting their hands on it soon. Here's what we know.

SteamDB Leak Suggests Returnal is Coming to PC

A screenshot of the SteamDB page is rumoured to show Returnal.
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The leak comes from SteamDB, a database that collects information on everything currently available on Steam at any given time. The page, while not outright confirming the game to be Housemarque's Returnal, does accurately describe the game using Steam's tag system.

The tags currently list it as a Sci-Fi third-person shooter Rogue-like that's atmospheric with bullet hell elements, all of which accurately describe the 2021 title.

A screenshot of the SteamDB page leaking Returnal as having an upcoming PC release.
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Perhaps more damning is the localization Strings section of the SteamDB page which shows phrases like "Atropos" and "In Helios" both terms which are related to the game with Atropos being the name of the hostile alien world that protagonist Selene finds herself on and "Helios" is the name of the ship she crashed on the planet with.

This leak is the latest in a series of major PlayStation titles making their jump to PC, with titles like God of War, Final Fantasy VII Remake and Uncharted all either making the jump or is set to in the near future.

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