Returnal Update 3.0: Campaign Co-Op, Survival Mode & More!

Whether you've already spent time with Returnal or are considering getting started, the 3.0 Update - called Ascension - is set to add a ton of free content to the game well worth experiencing.

Housemarque have found a way to further improve their already stunning roguelike shooter. With new game modes on the way as well as some quality of life updates, there's no better time to start playing Returnal.

Returnal Update 3.0 Release Date

The Returnal 3.0 Update will be released on Tuesday, 22 March. Expect it to be quite a sizable download file so make sure you have some space cleared ahead of time.

With multiple new game modes coming on top of general fixes it won't be your typical update. We have no clarity on a release time just yet but expect it to land around 09:00 PST / 12:00 EST / 17:00 GMT as the best bet.

What's new?

First and foremost, co-op play is coming to the Returnal campaign. This will give many players a reason to go back and play with friends while those who have struggled will be able to invite another player to help them.

The Tower of Sisyphus is also being added which is a tower-style game mode where players must clear each floor before progressing. The further you get, the harder the challenge with twenty floors in total being included.

returnal screenshot
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Enjoy bullet-hell with a friend

The two major addition do not crossover though, meaning co-op is exclusive to the campaign only. The Tower of Sisyphus mode will be single-player only for now.

A reminder that this is an entirely free update bringing a ton of new content to the game. Housemarque wanted to ensure that player feedback was heard and acted upon and that's what brings us this massive 3.0 Update.

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