Spider-Man 2 Release Date: Window CONFIRMED in new gameplay trailer

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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Peter Parker Miles Morales

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is set to be one of the biggest releases of 2023 and fans are getting hyped with a full trailer now revealed.

A new page is up on the PS5 store promoting the game, with a release window now confirmed for the game.

Check below for everything you need to know.

LATEST - Gameplay Demo Released

Arguably the main story of the 2023 PlayStation Showcase event was the revelation of Spider-Man 2's PS5 Gameplay Demo.

Viewers are treated to the longest trailer of any we have seen so far, with a 12-minute gameplay demo now available to watch.

The Gameplay Demo revealed that Kraven the Hunter is set to make his debut appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and has begun his Great Hunt for an equal alongside the rising threats of the Symbiote.

The gameplay showcased Kraven's Hunters chasing down Dr. Curt Connors, aka The Lizard, with Peter Parker and Miles Morales trying to stop them as they soar over the East River in Queens - one of the multiple new boroughs included in the game.

September Date Leaked

Leaks can come in all different shapes and sizes, but you don't expect the cast to be the ones that let them loose.

Whilst Tom Holland may be away from the project, step in Venom voice actor Tony Todd to reveal a piece of Spider-Man 2 news.

Spider-Man 2 Tony Todd Tweet
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SLIP OF THE TONGUE - Spider-Man 2's release month may have just been confirmed

The actor, who will voice the iconic villain Venom in the game, revealed on Twitter that a September release is looking likely for the game, with publicity set to ramp up in August.

Spider-Man (2018) released in September 2018 and we had predicted the sequel to follow the same release pattern, meaning Todd was may have just confirmed out suspicions and got the hype train well and truly on the tracks.

Spider-Man 2 Release Date

The only information we've received regarding Insomniac's Spider-Man 2 was a single teaser trailer at Sony's Showcase event in 2022.

However, a new trailer could be just around the corner, with strong rumours indicating that a new look at the game could be coming soon, maybe even this month!

It has now been confirmed that Spider-Man 2 will release in Fall 2023.

Spider-Man 2 Venom
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A NEW FOE - Venom will play a big part in Spier-Man 2

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will release in late 2023, potentially around the same time as the first game.

Spider-Man (2018) released in September and we could see Marvel's Spider-Man 2 arrive at a very similar time.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will be the sequel to the much loved Marvel's Spider-Man, a story that documented the trials and tribulations of Peter Parker, as well as the hero that dons the mask.

Insomniac continued their trend of top-tier Spidey stories with the release of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a spin-off game that put us in the position of a young hero realising the potential of his powers.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 will bring Peter and Miles together for the first time in playable form, with both Spider-Men almost certain to be playable in Spider-Man 2.

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