How to Refund a Game on PlayStation?

As the gaming industry's AAA powerhouse, Playstation have been responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed and highly demanded releases in recent years. This demand even extends to the PS5, which is still a challenge to get even as we approach two years since it's launch.

Despite boasting the tagline of "Play has no limits", however, there isone part of PlayStation that remains quite limited. It's refund policy. Here's how you get one.

How to Refund a Game on Playstation?

Unlike it's main rival in Microsoft's Xbox Series S|X, or the PC platforms of Steam and the Epic Games Store, PlayStation's policy is very strict when it comes to returning digital products.

A screenshot of PlayStation's Refund page
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PlayStation store does allow the return of games and add-ons up to 14 days after the the initial purchase as do many of the other platforms but the key difference with PlayStation is that if the user begins to download or stream that product, there is no longer any potential for a refund out of very extreme circumstances such as Cyberpunk 2077 at it's launch.

This is drastically different from other services which take into account the amount of time the user has played the product they are trying to refund when determining it's eligibility.

This means that a user must decide that they want a refund before they even try to download the product they've just purchased so be careful about what you buy and download.

A screenshot of PlayStation's refund policy on games and add-ons
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For those looking to get their money back on purchased subscriptions from PlayStation, the situation isn't much better. The same 14 day rule of purchase applies for subscriptions but your refund may have an amount of money subtracted from it equivalent to the time used on that subscription.

For example, purchasing a subscription to Playstation Plus and then refunding it seven days later may result in the cost of seven days being deducted from whatever money is refunded to your original payment method.

A screenshot of Playstation's refund policy for subscriptions
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The final section of PlayStations refund policy discusses how to get your money back for pre-ordered content and much like the other two methods of getting your money back, it's not the easiest.

PlayStation marks pre-orders into one of two categories depending on when the game was bought. If the game was purchased more than 14 days before the release date and if it was made fewer than 14 days before the release date.

a screenshot of PlayStation's refund policy on pre-orders.
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  • If your purchase was made more than 14 days prior to release: You can request a refund at any point leading up to the release of the product.
  • If your purchase was made fewer than 14 days prior to release: You can request a refund up to 14 days after the release of the game with the standard game or add-on refund rules applying.
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