How to Get a Refund on The Epic Games Store?

One of the more hotly debated entities in the world of PC gaming over the last few years the Epic Games Store has certainly been making a name for itself in recent years, be it from its never-ending line-up of free games or continued push for platform-specific exclusivity deals for major releases.

One of the least discussed topics regarding the Epic Games Store, however, is their refund policy; with some people not knowing that one is available. Here's what we know about it.

How To Refund a Game on the Epic Games Store

The process for requesting a refund on the Epic Games Store is a little more complicated than other platforms like Steam, with Epic requiring a few steps to get the refund process underway. The system is still nicer than the ones in place for Xbox and PlayStation however.

The "account" section of the Epic website.
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The first thing we'll be covering is how to submit a refund request yourself if you're eligible. To do this, head to your account page on the Epic website where you will be greeted with your information and a series of options on the left.

Click the "Transactions" tab on the left of the screen and look for the game you wish to refund. Once you find it, click the game to open it up and if it's eligible for a refund, you should be able to see a request refund button.

The "transactions" tab on the Epic Games website
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If the button is there, click it and then pick an option in the pop-up window that you encounter and that's all there is to it, just confirm your refund and you're done.

Much like the Steam store policy, the Epic Game Store refund policy only accepts titles with less than two hours of playtime and within a 14-day window of the initial purchase. The main difference is that, unlike Steam, you'll need to go through a different process to try and get a refund for games not eligible.

A screenshot of the contact-us page of the Epic game Store's help website.
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The second method of getting a refund from the Epic Game Store isn't guaranteed but it's the only option available for purchased items that don't meet their criteria. To do this, visit their help page and click on the blue contact us button. Then send a support ticket explaining the issue and why you would like a refund for your purchase. It's not the best solution but hopefully, you can find what you're looking for that way if no other options are available.

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