Horizon Forbidden West now available to Preload

With less than a week to go before the release of Horizon Forbidden West, players now have the opportunity to preload their game and get it ready for launch. While the game will be fully released Friday, 18 February, players who preload will be able to jump into playing sooner and get any necessary updates done faster.

For everyone who can't wait to get into the long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, here are the details of the download sizes and how to preload it.

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Horizon Forbidden West Preload Sizes

Given the scale we've seen of Horizon Forbidden West so far, it is no surprise it would come with a hefty file size. Europe, the United States and Japan all have varying sizes. Japan has the smallest with 83.797 GB. This is followed by the United States with 87.608 GB and finally Europe with the largest at 98.074 GB.

While it has not been confirmed whether there will be a Day One update to perform at launch, the preload details indicate a patch taking the Version to 01.003.000.

How To Preload Horizon Forbidden West

In order to preload Horizon Forbidden West, players need to make sure that they have pre-ordered their digital copy of the game from the PlayStation Store.

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From there, it is as simple as making your way to the PlayStation library, finding Horizon Forbidden West and you'll be given the option to preload the game from there.

It should be noted, however, that Horizon Forbidden West is the last game Sony intend on having the free PS5 upgrade for from the PS4 version. For this preload, players will only be able to preload the version they have pre-ordered. Those who want to take advantage of this free upgrade will, unfortunately, have to wait until the game's release on Friday, 18 February to do so.

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