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LATEST Horizon: Forbidden West - Release Date, Gameplay, Story Trailer & Pre Load

Not only is 2022 finally upon us but it's already February?! This means we can finally start to look at all of the games set to release this month with a little more hype. One of the first major titles that we'll be welcoming - provided there are no more delays - is Horizon: Forbidden West.

This sequel to the surprise hit - Horizon: Zero Dawn - will continue to follow Aloy's journey as she sets out for post-apocalyptic San Fransisco. What do we know about the game so far and when is it coming out? Let's take a look...

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Latest - Pre-Load now live!

You can start Pre-loading Horizon: Forbidden West on PlayStation consoles ahead of release. The file size varies depending on the region with Japan appearing to have the best deal at 83GB.

The file zine for the US is 87GB and for the EU it's a whopping 98GB.

New Story Trailer Revealed

A brand new story trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West has been revealed as we pass the mark to signify that there is less than one month until release day!

You can check out the trailer above and all the info you need about how to pre-order the game HERE.

When is the Horizon: Forbidden West Release Date?

Horizon: Forbidden West is set for release on Friday, 18 February. A strange date for a PlayStation exclusive title as these have typically been on a Tuesday in the past.

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This date was moved from a 'late 2021' release date in August 2021 after multiple leaks suggested that the game just wouldn't be ready in time. Fortunately, the delay wasn't too severe and only sees us waiting until early 2022. If this gives developer Guerrilla Games the time they need, then great, we're all for it.

The pre-order campaign drew mass criticism for Sony's antiquated 'pay to upgrade' fee if you buy the PS4 retail or digital copy of the game. A change is applied to upgrade your copy to the PS5 version which falls leagues behind Xbox's smart upgrade system.

horizon forbidden west digital deluxe
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While some publishers do insist on a price difference between versions, Xbox enforces free upgrades wherever possible. For Horizon, there will no longer be an upgrade fee but Sony has ensured that the community know this will not be the case moving forward with other exclusives.

Gameplay Reveal & Trailer

We've been treated to many looks at Horizon: Forbidden West over the last year as Sony are clearly pushing the game as one that might be able to sell PS5 systems - if you can find one. The first gameplay was seen in May 2021 but the most recent was shown off at The Game Awards 2021.

We're also getting little videos explaining more about the world and the machines that inhabit it over on the PlayStation YouTube channel. These are all great ways to get the hype up without spending millions on a major advertising campaign.

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