October 2021 PS Plus Predictions: Were we correct?

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The last few months of PS Plus games haven't blown us away like they have done before. Will October be a better month, though? Here are our predictions for the month and when we should see next month's games.

Latest - Officially Confirmation

The full PS Plus lineup has now been revealed, so we know whether our predictions were good or not. Shock... they weren't. You can see the full official reveal below:

We have all the details below on when you can actually download them and what the initial leaks were.

Full Lineup Leaks

As it does in most months, the full lineup of PS Plus October 2021 free games has reportedly leaked early.

Hell Let Loose has been reported as the PS5 game for a while, since it releases on October 5 (when the free games release), and not it seems to have been confirmed.

The leak comes from, Dealabs, who has been right in the past, and the lineup they're reporting is:

Below are all the details you need on when you can download them.

WHEN will we find out what we're getting?

PlayStation follows a loose announcement schedule when it comes to PS Plus so we can hazard a guess at when we're going to find out what games we're getting from PlayStation in October's PS Plus line-up.

Each month, PlayStation tweets out - and posts a PlayStation Blog post - on the last Wednesday of the month at the following times:

  • 08:30 PST
  • 11:30 EST
  • 16:30 BST

As long as PlayStation keeps to its loose schedule, we should see the announcement from PlayStation on September 29th. The games themselves will then be available on October 6th.

Our Original Predictions

Each month, PlayStation offers PS Plus members two PS4 games and one PS5 game for free - so, we're expecting at least three titles from October's PS Plus line-up. It isn't as easy to predict what we're going to get, though, because PlayStation has quite a large library of games.

That doesn't mean we're not going to give it a bash, though. Here are our October 2021 PS Plus predictions.

Hell Let Loose - PS5

Team17's Hell Let Loose is scheduled to release on October 5th - fully, it's currently in Beta - and we think this could be the PS5 title for October 2021's PS Plus offerings.

PlayStation has released a handful of games as Day One releases on PS Plus, so this wouldn't be completely outrageous. It's a little bit of a stretch, we know, but the last few months have been a little lacklustre in terms of PS5 releases. It's time for PS Plus to offer us another Day One release - right?

Prey - PS4

Arkane Studios' Deathloop has come out to rave reviews - and you can read our review right here - but there's more than just Deathloop to get excited about when it comes to Arkane Studios' games.

Prey is a fantastic sci-fi survival game that features tense stealth situations and exciting gunplay. It would be a welcome addition to anyone's game library and we certainly wouldn't complain if we found it pop up in next month's PS Plus line-up.

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan - PS4

October is the month of spook, right? We can't think of a better way for PS Plus to celebrate than by offering us a spooky PS4 game in October 2021's PS Plus line-up.

Man of Medan is the first title in Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures Anthology and it's truly a terrifying tale. If you've played Until Dawn - or interactive narrative titles like TellTale's The Walking Dead - you'll love this one. It certainly wouldn't be a bad one to get for free.

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