PS Plus December 2021 Games Release Time

The monthly PS Plus games tend to give a wide range of interesting games in different genres. This month, we have some good choices. Here's when they arrive and when you can play them for yourself.

PS Plus December 2021 Games

The December 2021 PS Plus games are finally almost here and we've got a pretty interesting month in front of us.

First up is Lego DC Super-Villains, a lego game similar to this year's Suicide Squad. You take the role of the baddies and make your way through those familiar lego style levels.

Godfall: Challenger Edition is a version of last year's Godfall that is essentially just the end game. Although the devs insist it's not a trial, it feels somewhat similar to one. Hopefully, we'll be proven wrong when we get the chance to give it a go.

Finally, we will also see Mortal Shell, a soulslike action RPG with the ability to change out your body for different builds. If you think of bodies like mechs, this is a pretty good description of the experience.

PS Plus December 2021 Release Time and Date

We will see this month's games arrive on Wednesday, December 7th. This is the first Tuesday of the month, the date games are generally expected to arrive.

We don't have the exact time they will arrive but they arrive most months around midnight the day of. If they aren't here at that time, give it a few more hours and they should pop up. The PS Store tends to refresh at 11 am so they should be there by then. This being said, sometimes, you can actually find them in the PS Store even when they aren't in the free games section. Try searching and you may get them a little early.

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