Play Stray For Free This Week Even Without A Paid PS Plus Sub

The Stray PS5 Game is preparing for its launch onto the PS Plus service via the Extra and Premium tiers and fans are desperate to get their hands on the feline action that the game provides.

In a surprising turn of events, fans of the game won't even need a subscription to PS Plus to enjoy the game, being able to play the game for a week for free. Here's how to play the Stray PS5 Game for Free.

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PS Plus Free Trial Lets You Play The Stray PS5 Game For Free

PS Plus Free Trial for Stray PS5 Game.
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To entice more people to try out the higher tiers of the brand new PS Plus service, Sony is now offering a seven-day free trial of the subscription, including the extra and premium tiers.

This means that you can get access to the Stray PS5 Game for free for a week using the trial. For users of the Extra and Premium tiers, not only will fans get Stray but also get catalogues of 400 PS4 and PS5 games along with PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

Starting on Tuesday, 19th July 2022, this trial will let players enjoy the Stray PS5 Game so if you haven't subscribed to the service yet, now would be a good time to try it out and experience a brand new game and some of the perks that PS Plus has available.

To access the trial for yourself, you will need to input a payment method to potentially continue the subscription after it ends but you can cancel at any time if it's not for you.

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