A Plague Tale: Innocence headlines July 2021's PS Plus line-up

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PlayStation has finally made this month's PS Plus announcement and we now know what games we're getting. We know this isn't exactly Game Pass, but it's good to get something out of the subscription right?

LATEST - The Leakers Were Wrong (Mostly)

PlayStation has finally confirmed what games we're going to be getting from PS Plus in July 2021 and the leakers were wrong!

A Plague Tale: Innocence (PS5) is the obvious inclusion, but this month also sees Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and WWE 2K Battlegrounds join the service. So much for WRC 9! Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is missing again, but there's always August 2021!

All of these games will be available from July 6th until August 2nd.

Leakers Suggest This Is What We're Getting In July 2021

We're literally a matter of hours from finding out officially, but it looks like leakers have decided to once again steal the thunder from PlayStation and share their findings on the new PS Plus games for July 2021 ahead of the announcement.

A Plague Tale: Innocence, Uncharted: Lost Legacy, and WRC 9 all look like they're going to be the July 2021 PS Plus games. We had already anticipated the first two, but WRC 9 seems like a bit of a misfire when you consider the plethora of titles that could be included.

Does anyone even want that?

We don't know how true this leak is until PlayStation makes its announcement later today, but this might help you decide whether you're going to start clearing out your storage space or not...

When's the Next PS Plus Announcement?

Luckily, we have a good guess when we'll see July's announcement. It's a little far away from now but we should have it in the next two weeks.

Generally, we will see the announcements on the last Wednesday of every month. Unfortunately, Wednesday is the last day of the month in June meaning we should see the announcements on the 30th. According to most social media posts and regular times, you should see it at 11:30 EST / 16:30 BST.

When Can We Play July's PS Plus Games?

PlayStation have been very consistent with the release of their free games each month. We can expect to see them on the first Tuesday of July.

This means we will see it on Tuesday the 6th of of July. Make sure to grab all of June's games before the 30th of this month or you will miss out on them forever.

Right now, you can find Operation: Tango, a co-op espionage-themed adventure. It's all about working together with your friends so you should get there quickly.

Next, you can pick up Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown, a remaster of the classic game. If you like old-school fighters, you will love this.

Finally, you can get Star Wars: Squadrons, a first-person space fighter game all about taking down your enemies and flying with your friends.

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