PlayStation has just announced June 2021's PS Plus games

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The next PS Plus announcement from PlayStation is here and we finally know what the next batch of free PlayStation games is going to be!

There's a little something for everyone this week, so make sure you clear some space on your hard drive!

LATEST - June 2021 PS Plus Games Confirmed

Of course, the leak was right. Why wouldn't it be? This does sort of ruin the surprise but June 2021's PS Plus games have just been confirmed by PlayStation and there are some fantastic titles up for grabs.

Star Wars Squadrons is the big talking point, but PS5 co-op title Operation: Tango is a brand new title! Virtua Fighter is also a classic, so it should be a pretty great set of titles all-in.

Operation Tango and Star Wars Squadrons will be available until July 5th. Virtua Fighter 5: Ultimate Showdown is going to be available until August 2nd!

When's the PS Plus announcement?

For the most part, PlayStation keeps to a strict schedule when it comes to their PS Plus announcements. This means we can offer a fairly accurate prediction as to when the announcement is due to drop.

PlayStation releases its announcement via official social media channels on the last Wednesday of each month. This means we're due one on May 26th at 11:30 EST / 16:30 BST.

What's coming to the service, though? That much is still a mystery. However, we do know when the new PS Plus titles will be available.

When Can We Play The Free Games?

Unusually, the new PS Plus titles should actually be available to play on June 1st.

PlayStation's new PS Plus games are always released on the first Tuesday of the month, whatever the date. This month, the stars have aligned and May 31st falls on a Monday.

PS Plus June 2021 Release Date Operation Tango
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IS THIS THE PS5 GAME? - Operation Tango is due to launch on June 1st... Coincidence?

That means, the current PS Plus games are available until May 31st and the new batch of titles will be available from June 1st, on Tuesday. For now, you can check out the latest on the current slate of titles on the PlayStation Blog here.

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